Seasons in miniature. A wonderful aspect of our hobby.

Seasons in miniature. A wonderful aspect of our hobby.

Great side by side comparison

This is my favorite aspect of bonsai I think, and why I keep mostly deciduous trees. I love watching how these trees evolve and change with the seasons, both in terms of color/shape and in the their growth habits etc.

They are beautiful. I can't wait to get one when I finally start making money of my own.

(In college right now)

All memes 2006-2018

All memes 2006-2018

Credit to u/Flx_Arya

This is history right there

Since article 13 is happening next month I will miss the internet, it's been a hell of a ride. Damn the EU

Right there with you brother. Memes gave us the best times :')

Police officer has an alternate way of dealing with someone holding a knife.

This legit made me tear up

I’m glad it worked out well..... but I don’t think that sets a good precedent at all.

I can agree in a sense, but it's better to look at this as an example of a police officer using his training and experience to handle the situation in the best way possible. He diffused the situation, and no one got hurt. There's a lot you can't tell from this short clip that probably gets lost in translation. But the cop was there in real time and read the man and the situation correctly. I gotta see that as a win.

That’s how it’s done

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