Summer Ushiwakamaru's Lines

Summer Ushiwakamaru's Lines Summer Ushiwakamaru [CV: Hayami Saori] Battle Start 1 Playing is training for sure. Ushiwakamaru, reverting to the mind of a child! Battle Start 2 I'll play to my heart's content and beat them all with all of my might, my Lord! Skill 1 Excitenguu![1] Skill 2 Let me show you the long nose of a Tengu! Skill 3 Fufu, let's pull some pranks over there next... Skill 4 Isn't that enemy stronger than me? Command Card Select 1 Please, leave it to me! Command Card Select 2 Should I settle from the sky?! Command Card Select 3 Should I attack from the sea?! Noble Phantasm Select 1 Is it alright to play that much? Noble Phantasm Select 2 Flawless Tengu Stones, come, pay a visit! Attack 1 Laugh refreshingly! Attack 2 Play exhilaratingly! Attack 3 Study amusingly! Attack 4 Ha~hhahaha! Attack 5 Ponpokorin![2] Extra Attack 1 You are witness to the Tengu of Kurama here! ...Just kidding. Noble Phantasm 1 The Eye of Mahesvara.[3] Heh, did you think there are tengus only in the mountains? This is me playing in the water will all of my might! 『Tengu's Feather Fan・Windstorm』!! Noble Phantasm 2 More nimble than a macaque, transforming more freely than a tanuki. And, above all, feeling more tengu than a tengu! In short, that is I, Mount Kurama's Ushiwakamaru! Such fun~ Damaged by Noble Phantasm 1 How contemptible... You're a hooligan, aren't you! Damage 1 Playing is worth it! Defeat 1 To think I would be getting tired from playing, I still have a long way to go. I'll be in your care again tomorrow! Defeat 2 How vexing! Defeat 3 The sun, has set... Victory 1 Phew! That was fun! The Summer sea is a fine one! Victory 2 To punish foolish humans is another duty of a tengu! Level up Even while playing, I must look dignified! For you see, I am my Lord's escort! Ascension 1 I too, have finally regained my normal form. So that I won't lose to the others, I'll change my clothes fitting for the season like this. -Rustle rustle-... Mhm, summer plumage feels different from winter plumage. Ascension 2 Haa... "I'm troubled where to look", you say. You're saying some odd things. For me, compared to my usual armor, I thought it was much tighter and more snug. Especially, yes, around my chest. Ascension 3 My Lord! To play more freely, in other words, to train more zealously, I tried to become more like a tengu! Fufu, this is a playground more novel than the top of the trees of a forest or the water's surface of a lake shrouded in fog! Come, my Lord, let's play to our hearts' content! Ascension 4 There was no one among the animals back on the mountain that could keep my company in my playing and training this much. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, my Lord. And, if possible, from now on, always... Bond Level 1 Hmmm, all I did was change into a swimsuit, but I feel closer to my self from back when I was training... Then, there is this fan. It belonged to my master and I remember borrowing it sneakily on multiple occasions in the past just so I could play with it... There is something mysterious about it. Bond Level 2 Yes, the relationship between my master and the Tengu of Kurama, is it? Hehehe, let's just say that "some noses are better left unmentioned".[4] Bond Level 3 I've been thinking about this for a while, but my Master sure has a talent for playing. Wonderful. You must have gone through quite a rigorous training. What kind of things did you do? Did you play tag or were you using a spinning top, I wonder. It would make me happy if you could teach me about modern games too. Bond Level 4 Fuhhahaha, ahhahahahahaha! Haa, haaa, I've had so much fun that I'm dripping with sweat. However, a swimsuit is easy to wash and dry so it's nice. Oh, it would feel good if it had less fabric too... That's no good, huh. I see... Bond Level 5 It's a strange feeling. On Mount Kurama the animals were my only playmates so I was alone. However, now, my Lord accompanies me everywhere. No matter how far I run or jump, if I turn around, my Lord will be there, smiling at me. What should I call this feeling, I wonder. Ah, it feels all fluffy here, as if my belly was full. If it was Kumatarou or Pyonkichi, they would surely want to hibernate if they felt like this. Don't worry, I won't hibernate! After all, if I went to sleep, I wouldn't be able to play, would I! There are a looot of games to play in Winter! I'm looking forward to it, my Lord! Dialogue 1 My Lord, I haven't played enough yet! Let's hurry and head for the next playground! Dialogue 2 My Lord is my lord, but for the current me, you are also a playmate and a training partner. Yes, don't worry about being bored! Leave everything to this Ushiwaka who made even Mount Kurama her amusement park! Dialogue 3 I might have tried to become like a tengu of the mountains, but it's not like I forgot about our relationship of lord and retainer. Specifically... No matter what kind of game, my Lord should enjoy it more than me! Prepare yourself! Dialogue 4 When Helena-dono saw me, she said something like "You feel like a great Mahatma!", but what on Earth is a Mahatma, I wonder. (If you have Helena Blavatsky) Dialogue 5 U~ wau wau! Woof! U~ woof woof! Awoooooo~! ...Muu, what a taciturn wolf-dono. Or, as I expected, could there still be a problem with my words...? ...Eh? Aah, I communicate with animals somehow or other with just feelings alone. I'm a genius, after all! (If you have Hessian-Lobo) Dialogue 6 Oh, you're large as always. If I was bigger than you, couldn't I just cross to that island over there simply by walking? Alright, let's test it out! Give me a ride on your shoulders, Hitachibou. Oh, did I get your name wrong? No, I didn't get it wrong, did I? Hey, what do you think? Hm~? (If you have Musashibo Benkei) Likes My it? Let's see, the animals of the mountain and... It's not too praise-worthy, but back in my training days, I liked pranks. When I first snatched away this fan from my master-[5]... Let's stop recalling that experience, shall we... Dislikes Usually, I'm not good with high places, but it seems like the current me is the opposite of that and loves them. However, well...what I hate is...a straightforward opponent, I guess. Holy Grail "What would I request from the Holy Grail" ask? If I could enjoy myself with a person who wanted to play with me from the bottom of their heart, that would be more than enough for me. Event My Lord! My Lord! C, c-c-c-c-c-c-c-could it be that there is a festival right now? I want to go and play with my Lord, I want to! Birthday Summoning When I change into a swimsuit, I strangely feel closer to my past self from when I was in training... Back on Mount Kurama, I was taught that playing is training. Which means, this right now is the correct path. My Lord, please play a looot with Ushiwaka, I humbly request.

Translator Notes: [1] Ushi combines "Exciting" (エキサイティング) and "Tengu" (天狗) here. [2] The sound tanuki make by drumming on their bellies. [3] Shiva in the Buddhist pantheon. [4] There is a Japanese saying "言わぬが花" which would be "Some things are better left unsaid" in English. Here, Ushi replaces "花" (flower) with "鼻" (nose) since they are read the same way. [5] According to the stories, Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Ushiwakamaru) was taught swordsmanship by the King of the Tengu, Soujoubou.

Her NP select lines, NP lines, Bond lines and Ascension lines were done by ear so they might be incorrect. Especialy her "Noble Phantasm Select 2" and "Noble Phantasm 1" lines.

U~ wau wau! Woof! U~ woof woof! Awoooooo~!

She have learned from fellow Tengu's lesson I see.

Those mad men, they made Ushi even cuter! Thanks for the TL!

Ushiwakamaru is such a good girl, I'll never leave her !! She'll get my Grails on NA before her summer version <3

But I need to save grails on JP for Caenis...

Which means, this right now is the correct path. My Lord, please play a looot with Ushiwaka, I humbly request.

heavy breathing

Massive delays on the Werribee and Sunbury Lines

Massive delays on the Werribee and Sunbury Lines

Trespasser at/near Footscray station. Police are searching the area

and most likely Vline services.

Ballarat Vline Account: "Due to a passenger threatening self harm, train services have been suspended in the Footsgray area. Services changes and more info available shortly" posted at 7:09.

E: Posted at 7:47 - Delays as we try and clear the backlog. Normal speeds and services to resume from Footsgray.

That's okay!

Folks travelling between ballarat and melbs / vice versa had issues too today when a giant tree (apparently!) fell between baccus marsh and ballan!

That was the last note too. Shrug.

It’s been resolved, but I’m on the VLine and we’ve been constantly stopping since leaving Southern Cross. Not gonna get to Footscray for a long time at this rate...

Also Watergardens.

Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

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True story

True story

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Roblox Montage

[SKT T1: THE CHASE] EP.3 Wolf / Holiday (ENG Sub)

[SKT T1: THE CHASE] EP.3 Wolf / Holiday (ENG Sub)

I'm missing wolf tbh

Damn, is it just me or does seeing their parent's reactions hits me kinda deep, moreso with Wolf considering he isn't getting any gametime nor doing as well as Faker and Bang. Hope his career doesn't die out.

"We have to put in more effort the next season"

Gets subbed out for Effort

Man it feels like forever since I've seen Wolf play. Hope he's able to comeback someday and play well, if not for SKT maybe some other team, I just love his personality

My watercolor kitty :)

My watercolor kitty :)


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Thanks 😊

This cable management

This cable management

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Me irl

Me irl




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Cat sees tigers has existential crisis

Lil Bub always looks that way...poor kitty... :)

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