Specifying your moves

Specifying your moves

I think it would benefit this sub greatly as a whole if it was more encouraged, not required, to post your league size, money or non money, PPR or non PPR, when commenting about dropping players.

I can’t tell you how many times I see “I dropped this guy” and it is a top comment yet there is never really any context. For example, “Dropped Jordy and picked up Robbie Anderson and haven’t looked back.”

It feels like it’s more of a popularity contest from people upvoting comments based on what they did in conjunction with the comment, as opposed to providing some context to your scenario.

I think it could help everyone out a lot more if posters specified more context in terms of their league situations.

I am just baffled how many times I see someone say “Yep dropped his ass” but never give any analysis or insight...

I hope I’m not alone in thinking this way

People can't even use the specified threads for WDIS, ADD/DROP, TRADE, and LEAGUE ISSUES. So we get a huge amount of low effort posts. Expecting people to spend the extra 30 seconds to share context is impossible.

When I see someone post something that interests me, I just ask the commenter for context and they usually respond.

I had a similar idea but it involved using flair to specify league size and scoring for your main league so you wouldn't have to remember to specify each time, eg 10man PPR, or 12man STD. Either way I think this is a great idea and would clear up a lot of confusion in most threads on this sub.

Been using it this whole season and I have had most of my posts have decent to great discussions.

Only time I don't get a response if it's middle of the night post on the WDIS thread from the previous day, since I'm guessing 1) most normal people are asleep and 2) new WDIS thread is going to be imminently.

Hard thing with depending on flair is that there are people who play multiple leagues. I'm pretty sure it's a decent % of people in this sub.

Or if you're like me and only use Reddit on mobile, you can't add flair.

Since when do we now love and cherish one tricks?

Since when do we now love and cherish one tricks?

Very few people on here love one-tricks. However, with Stevo, Fuey, and now XQC's bans, there are some inconsistencies on Blizzard's part that may well affect many players. That is why discussion and clarification is needed.

Although I probably have a similar viewpoint, you put this post In a pretentious way that just makes you seem unlikable. If we are to change people's minds and we can't be so dismissive of the views of others

They weren't permabans, so the bans themselves are basically the warnings.

One tricking, or sub-optimal hero choice is not bannable. Lack of cooperation when stuff isn't working out is.

What you consider throwing by perceived off-meta pick, isn't a bannable offense.

Punisher Showrunner Defends the Show’s "Controversial" Bloodiness; "You can’t do the Punisher and have it not be a violent show."

Punisher Showrunner Defends the Show’s "Controversial" Bloodiness; "You can’t do the Punisher and...

I wasn't aware that The Punisher's violence level needed defending. TBH, I'm kinda offended, because that's the STUPIDEST THING I'VE HEARD ALL DAMN DAY. It's a show about a one man war against the worst of the worst criminals out there. Of course it's going to be violent and dark as fuck.

I applaud him for going all out. Punisher needs to be violent. That’s who he is. I’m saying this while watching episode 2 lol.

Hold on. Did someone complain that Punisher is too violent? Do they also complain about how Dredd is too quick to judge and trigger happy?

In a country where on tv you cam show a guys head getting blown off in a mess of gore but have to blur a nipple one second later

I think America will be fine.

I think America will be fine.

Trump looks very thick in this photo.

Trudeau is a national embarrassment for Canada.

Virgin sit: -holds legs together tightly to hide his flower -slouched on armrest for support -limply clasps hands together with fingers intertwined like pubescent girl.

Chad spread: -back straight -legs spread to show dominance and masculinity -determined gaze - strong hands forward ready for action

He's not a virgin, just keeping the monthly pad from falling.

Trudeau is a terrorist sympathizer who paid off terrorists who attacked Americans. His legacy will always be that. Never trust a leftist.

I refrain myself from texting my MIL, I would like so badly to tell her...

I refrain myself from texting my MIL, I would like so badly to tell her...

I want it so bad to text my MIL that she is the reason why I left him, she is the reason why we are shutting down the company, she is the reason why he can't have sex. I want to text her so badly, that he lied to her by saying we moved into another place but I did leave him because of her intrusion in our life.

I would like to text her that now she can call him at home and not just at work, she doesn't need to hide anymore and can show up whenever she wants, I am not there anymore because of her, even if she does start doing this, being so present because I am not there anymore.

He will never tell her I left him because of her, to not hurt her, he is protecting her, it's not his job to do that. His alcoholic dad left them when he was 7 and since she hated and still hate him so much. I would like to tell her that her story doesn't have to affect his son's love life, she doesn't have to be present while her son is building his life, she doesn't have to tell him NO when he wants to move into another country, she doesn't have to buy him clothes all the time, he is 31 for God sake!. I just want to tell her that she needs to let go of her children because she is overwhelmed and castrating, she is selfish and she already destroyed his sister's life.

Can I text her just some of that?....why am I feeling I am not done!

Falling Block Tower Simulation

Really cool simulation, but why is the thumbnail of an owl?

was the few frames at the end with the 3 towers something similar?

Also how hard is it to get into making simulations?


I was expecting the owl to be made of wooden pieces and collapse, I was disappointed even if I have to say that the simulation was nice.

UK offers help as Argentinian military submarine ARA San Juan goes missing at sea

UK offers help as Argentinian military submarine ARA San Juan goes missing at sea
UK offers help as Argentinian military submarine ARA San Juan goes missing at sea

The potentially good news for the Argentine sailors is that unlike the crew of the Kursk that sank in 2000 this time the only thing that would stand in the way of a British rescue attempt would be Argentina's pride. Rather than Russia's pride and desire to keep foreign personnel away from one of their nuclear subs.

As a result of Russia's refusal to allow British and Norwegian rescue attempts, potentially 23 more Russians died. When the ship was eventually recovered they found a sealed compartment and notes listing 23 crew members who had survived the initial disaster. (though its not guaranteed that if they had been allowed, either the Brits or Norwegians would have been successful).

The article doesn't mention that the UK actually has a very capable submarine rescue team who are on notice throughout the year to literally parachute into the ocean with all their rescue gear.

If there's one thing we're good at, its submarine stuff

Anything to do with sea, ocean etc. Surrounded by the fucking thing.

Recreated a 15 year old picture with my cousins.

Recreated a 15 year old picture with my cousins.

At what age did the kids eyebrows drop?

It honestly looks like no one except the two youngest aged at all.

the guy on the right had eyebrows that dropped into a mustache

Tree on the left is really kicking ass!

Edit: The top branches in the new picture also perfectly line up with the cracks in the older picture... this requires further study.

Dear Rooster Teeth Community...

Dear Rooster Teeth Community...

Hello Rooster Teeth community, I've been a rooster teeth fan since I was 15 years old. I was first introduced when I had just gotten out of a psychiatric ward for attempting suicide and went home onto Worldstarhiphop to find "Rage Quit: The Impossible Game". I laughed so hard I had to pause the video to go pee and come back. Ever since then I was hooked. From there it was Minecraft lets plays, to RT podcasts, to eventually every video that Achievement Hunter created. It was the only content in long time that genuinely made me cry from laughing, and put a smile on my face. When I was 18 and moved to college I found myself in the same predicament, in a different psychiatric ward, nearly suspended from school, relying on roosterteeth videos to cope. And here I am again, 21 years old, feeling just as alone and scared as I was when I was 15, watching old Lets Plays and fan-made compilations as a means of distraction . I live alone, in a city far from home, with only my dog to talk to. Over the past three years I've lost all of my friends and have suffered from depression for nearly 6 years. Perhaps this isn't the right subreddit to post this in, but I am writing here in hopes to find a community; to feel a part of something. In some ways, this post is a means of therapy, a way to occupy my mind from these scary thoughts, but also a last ditch effort to no longer feel alone anymore. And as crazy, sad, and ridiculous this might all seem, I figured, maybe, just maybe, something great could come from me at least giving this a shot.

Thank you for taking the time to read -A huge RT fan

What city do you live in? Just about every state and major city has it's own RT group between facebook and the RT site, they do stuff like meetups and game nights all the time. Maybe look into one of those to find some people that are local for you to hang out with?

Hey man, sorry you are going through a tough time. Sounds pretty rough. I hope things turn around for you and I know that feeling. Use to lock myself in my dorm for days and would watch achievement hunter to stay positive. Stay strong

No matter how sad I am, AH has always made me smile. I totally understand revisiting old minecraft videos that never fails to make you happy. I'm pretty sure every fan of AH has experienced tears of joy. I think all of us are lucky to share this mutual love for a group of people who constantly make us laugh no matter the circumstances. Don't single yourself out. I think you made the right choice reaching out. I've always found the RT/AH community to be understanding and welcoming.

You can message me. I've lived with depression literally half my life. RT has helped so much.

I'd honestly rather have laggy servers than this stupidity with turrets

I'd honestly rather have laggy servers than this stupidity with turrets

It blows my mind on a continual basis just how incredibly stupid these developers are, how little understanding they have about PvP in this game. I don't even know what to say, it's like saying that "running around naked throwing spears at each other will improve server performance so we would probably do that". This seems like their thought process with a lack of regard of what the consequences of their changes will actually be.

I've played a grand plethora of garbage early access games in my time but I'd honestly say the developers of ARK take the cake when it comes to lack of intelligence or imagination. When you have to continuously put caps on everything that is a sign that there is something wrong fundamentally with your game design, but rather than deal with fundamental issues which require actual intelligence and effort to deal with, you guys keep coming up with caps. With the latest turret cap proposed changes the maximum amount of DPS my entire main base can have will be 26426.4. Currently the main choke of my main (1 side of the base) has 440440 DPS, excluding TEK and Plant X turrets (which are mandatory to have in order to deal with Stegos) and it absolutely must have this in order to not be immediately destroyed in the event the server is slot capped.

Do these developers honestly know what can be done with 1 Bronto, or 1 Paracer, or 1 Stego. Do they have the understanding, and/or experience to know what exactly can be done with 1 of any of these things that tribes have thousands of because you keep pumping out 2X breeding events every weekend to make up for your dwindling player base? Every base in the game can now be wiped with 1 dinosaur offline. I'd hate to see what would happen in a real invasion when you have 10 Brontos walking towards your base with 100 turrets to stop them, that honestly seems laughable to me.

Trust me. The horrid lag is 1000000000% times better than what you are proposing. You would understand this if your brain worked like a normal person. The lag is bad, but at least your base will probably still be there long enough for you to connect and actually experience PvP in order to defend. PvP = fun, 10 brontos walking up to your door, blowing it off it's hinges and reducing your base to it's foundations within 30 minutes of them joining your servers means that there is very little PvP and therefore very little opportunity for fun. If your game is not fun, people will not play it, people will not buy it which means you don't get money and that's what you're after right? It's a very simple process of logic that I honestly hope you can understand before it's too late and you ruin your game.

This game has an amazing concept that was poorly executed, but even in it's current state it is still worth playing. The hope that this amazing concept might someday be executed in a way that actually works is what keeps players going, the thought that we could actually play this game without undermeshing, aimbotting, duping, with less lag is the hope that players have because it will be an amazing game if it ever reaches that point, but this change is going past the point of no return. You will not recover from this like you did with the flyer nerf, people will not have any more patience to deal with your senseless changes.

PS: in order to deal with these changes, these people have graciously given us a mere 1 week to not just move thousands of turrets that have taken months to build, set, and fill with their garbage turret system, but to also figure out the impossible task of finding a way to actually defend our bases that isn't going to reduce people in a hilarious fit of crying/laughter. I love spending my time constantly reacting to the next silly change they make, rather than actually playing the game.

I'm not reading all of this.

100% agreed I'd rather play on 255 ping than with 100 turrets on my base.


Lmao fuck ark. Game is only fun on private server with friends.

Try one of these subthreads