Maybe if you fuckers would lose some weight, your neck fat mufflers wouldn't try and eat your mics. Thin blue line my ass, that shit is XXXL and made of polyester so it won't reak like twelve hours of ass sweat.

I'm just pissy because night shift didn't make any coffee, you fellas are alright.

Murdered by words. Call the coronor.

Are you trying to get punched by Buzz Aldrin

Coroner, do you need remedial training deputy.

More Brunette-ness

More Brunette-ness

I didn't know what I'd think, but I love it.


You don’t know it yet but

You don’t know it yet but

General Reposti

General Reposti!

If only he knew that Anakin would be in that situation twice

Are we blind? Deploy the downvotes!

Starting a new project

Starting a new project

Lol "spec"

Being given a spec upfront is the dream instead of the PO saying 'we want something kind of like this in 3 weeks' and then coming to the review and saying it's wrong

Not pictured is strips 2 through 50 where the spec changed while they were in the middle of implementing it.

Edit: I actually meant panel rather than strip, meaning the middle of this comic is where the spec changes. But now that I read what I said, I think it is funnier this way so I'm leaving it.

User eXperience. If you don’t have UX people on your project and you’re just letting devs figure it out, spend the time to convince management of the value of hiring a UX resource. Letting a dev figure it out costs a LOT more and you end up with a much shittier product.

It took me almost a year on my current project to convince management to bring UX on board, and they’re invaluable in shielding from the vaguely-worded “how long will X take” questions. My canned response can now be mostly “needs UX consideration first”. UX types are typically better at hashing out details with customers than devs. Once I see the screen designs, my job gets a lot easier.

And yes, I know you were being sarcastic. My points are still valid.

Anti-socialist student DESTROYED with LOGIC and FACTS

Anti-socialist student DESTROYED with LOGIC and FACTS

Oh really? Why don't you

Bottom text

🙌💯👌😂 Dab

Checkmate atheists

My theory is that people who believed this saved up for a toy as a kid and then found out about sales tax and never ever got over it.

Tbf "taxation is theft" is actually fucking retarded.

Mods are awake, upvote jesus

Mods are awake, upvote jesus


I made seven accounts just so I could upvote this picture seven times! Dank!

Praise the Lord, and to heaven you shall ascend!

I'm a simple man.... I see Jesus, I upvote.

What could have been (by Dan Hipp)

What could have been (by Dan Hipp)

This depicts Vader reflecting on his life, and imagining what would have happened if he had killed Palpatine in ROTS.

I got a sad feeling about this.

Ohhhh, that makes a little more sense

Every time i see this it makes me sad

*how to teach math

*how to teach math

"From the guy that brought you 'Early American History'"

Jaegar O'meara's goes from 8th to 1st to kick a goal after a 100 meter sprint. Looks to be completely over his knee trouble.

looks to be completely over his knee trouble.

Touch every tree within a 1000km radius.

I hope Sicily doesn't leave us to become an NFL punter any time soon.

The fact that none of the Melbourne players laid a bump or at least put their body between him and the ball is pretty ridiculous.

If you added the words "or tackled" in there, you could have described 3/4 of Melbourne's performance that game.

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