Be gone **THOT**

Be gone **THOT**

I wanna sign it

Besides the meme, it really is an asshole thing to do in the first place lol. She’s literally breaking the law

here ya go pal

We’re about to deport someone for a meme 😂

Snek Becomes A dad

Snek Becomes A dad

Awww.. that hat is so cute


Both sexes have an opening on their underside where the tail starts. It's called the cloaca, and it's used for expelling waste and for sex.

When a male and female meet during the breeding season, the male will generally crawl over the female making shocking motions. If she's receptive, she'll let the male twist his tail around hers, and he'll push his somewhat spiked hemipenes (yes, they have two penises) out of his cloaca and into hers. The snakes will stay "locked" for a while as the male does the deed, and he may sometimes bite the female while locked. After a while, everything comes to a climax, and the snakes unlock and go on their merry way.

Gandalf and his babies?

It's the truth you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's the truth you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But automatic weapons have been illegal since like the 1960s...

Kinda missing the point there. . .children are still being killed even if the weapon is not the one described.

Alright, so we agree that considering his circumstances, the only/best thing he can realistically do is to talk about it?

But we’ve banned “certain firearms” like 4 times. My personal fear is when does it stop? It’s less of “I want to protect these certain guns” to a sort of “we’ve banned ‘the most dangerous guns civilians can get’ like 5 times. What’s stopping a sixth that takes them all away?”

Heard you were talking shit

Heard you were talking shit

Credit also goes to u/FranzisP. He made the Kobayashi picture.

Who would say such a thing? :O

Is she using Kanna's head as an armrest?

Godless heathens

I drew Ereshkigal ♥

I drew Ereshkigal ♥

I started this back in February, but somehow got too lazy to finish it...finally decided to complete it for the FGO Pixiv Contest. Best girl T T7



edit: oops linked pixiv home page

This is amazing! I love the melancholic expression you gave her. The shading is also fantastic.

Whew, that's some really nice Ere.

I'd say at least good enough to be in the game. I wonder if they'll ever start pulling more pieces from fans for CEs?

She's crying cuz I was too broke to whale and np5 her-

Top Songs Chart on Apple Music

Top Songs Chart on Apple Music

Number 8 is NOT❌❌❌❌ wavy 🌊🌊🌊

Looks like they’re finished for the night, more tomorrow! Picture taken at 10:16 pm (PST)

Looks like they’re finished for the night, more tomorrow! Picture taken at 10:16 pm (PST)

Man, those painters are absolute legends. Dunno how they do this so quickly.

I really feel like they are messing with us with the stars in the vault and the rocket tease for rage.

What are you on about? They spent the entire 24 hour livestream dicking around poking fun at nerds.

Edit: TO who commented then deleted that it was just a livestream, it was how they announced the freaking game in the first place. If that's not important, I'm not sure what is.

With a lot of walkie talkies and skill. Having a camera set up across the street that you can easily look at to see what you have done helps as well.

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