Medieval Uniforms

Medieval Uniforms

If total war taught me anything, never attack the walls with your trebuchets, break it down with manpower (I’m not very good at the game)

With just a dash of fratricide. Its the spice that makes it good.

well obviously not if you think you shouldn't use the superior siege engine in a siege

Sends 120 auxiliary infantry to gate, start throwing torches at it. Burn down the gates if Carthage.

Thieves Guild shadowmark #skyrim #TES

Thieves Guild shadowmark #skyrim #TES

"Hands to yourself, sneak thief."

“If I find your hand in my pocket, I’m going to cut it off.”

"Try to hide it all you want. I know you're in the Thieves Guild... and so do the other guards"

Or pictograph of a vagina.

Sea lions showing their love

The big seal knows he's going to get that bucket of fish, because of the implication.

...of fish

Absolute unit.

we don't sea what's lion there .. let us give you some hugs

She caught me.

She caught me.

Okay, I love how fluffy your cat is.

The absolute McMadman

The absolute McMadman

Sometimes we order Papa Johns at Wendy's when we want it late nights or whatever

Seriously. What's with the the girl at the counter taking a power stance?

Everyone in this picture is making me irrationally angry with their body shapes.

This rainbow tunnel at Chicago O'Hare International Airport

This rainbow tunnel at Chicago O'Hare International Airport

I used to love that thing as we would seemingly need to always take it getting from B to C or vice versa. Now I just think of walking it back and forth trying to get myself tired enough to pass out while stuck there one night.

Very cool :)

/sub/rainboweverything 😊

Am si eu numere noi!

Am si eu numere noi!

Doamne deci chestia asta cu Muie PSD este textbook example de ce se intampla ca nu lasi ceva sa moara de la sine si te implici sa il desfiintezi. Thumbs up!

Bravo :)))! Daca esti din Bucuresti, poate organizam o plimbare cu numerele prin fata pe la Kiseleff.

Pai pe 10 August, da-l pun la bicicleta.

Bravo. O sa creasca inima-n mine ca roboru` cand o sa vad drumurile tarii pline de numere dintr-astea.

Vietnam War lighter

Vietnam War lighter

A modification of the quote

“We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”

― Konstantin Jireček

...but I guess that would take a bigger Zippo to fit.

Simple. Accurate. True.

Just imagine how different the world would be if there's a bill that would send the wealthiest politicians and warmongering journalists first on the frontline.

Eugene Debs was arrested for suggesting this at his famous anti-war speech during WW1.

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