5 mil in 1 month, never done before

5 mil in 1 month, never done before

Who cares? Youtube is cancer and top Youtubers are symptoms.

All of social media is cancer. And yet, here we are.

Wrong sub

It's actually over 5 mil in 30 days right now, if you check socialblade.


I think you missed his point

i would say about 10 mil in about 3 months so suck a chode logan paul because that dead thing in suicide forest was your channel.


We live in a society

Pew die pie has probs got more in 6 months

/sub/murderedbywords This hit hard



Moderators are the big homosexual

10 repost in 5 hours, always done before

Ah the internet is cancer and so are we brother

Yeah I suppose but it’s kind of getting boring with everyone always saying that



He got 12 in 6 a few years back


I don't like either of those dudes.

What’s the right sub?

*auto mods