2 years ago today, Holm absolutely dominated the previously invincible Rousey in the main event of UFC 193 before finishing her with a brutal head kick knockout at the 59-second mark of the second round to claim the UFC bantamweight title.

2 years ago today, Holm absolutely dominated the previously invincible Rousey in the main event o...

I still rate this above Rose's win over Joanna... This wasn't just a KO, this was a complete and utter dismantling.

If she hadn't handled her loss the way she did, Rousey would still be a super-star.


I'd rather be defeated the way Joanna was than EVER be defeated like this, just embarassing. Ronda struggled to even sit up by herself after that kick whereas JJ was back on her feet a couple seconds later.

Joanna and her corner after Rousey vs Holm: http://i.imgur.com/2qig0fw.jpg?1

Joanna and her corner after Rousey vs Holm:

Never quit...except she totally quit after ONE LOSS. Just bailed for 18 months, learned nothing, and came back worse than before.

KO'd Ronda pain chart

If she hadn't lost her rematch she'd still be a superstar.

Ultimately her behavior reflected badly to us but if she had gone in there and tossed Nunes she would have been back with the majority of the audience. She mainly snubbed MMA media, but was still down with Ellen and her ground.

Instead she presented her head and got KOed in just about the worst way possible,

There's also a big difference in how perceptions changed.

Holm's win over Ronda changed how people thought about Ronda. They think, "oh wow she got super exposed as a scrub level striker."

Meanwhile no one thinks JJ is suddenly terrible, instead it's, "Jesus fuck, Rose is way better than we gave her credit for."

Ronda immediately ghosting in shame didn't help either.

I forgot about Ronda throwing that deliberate late strike to Holm's face after the bell. Ronda got trashed so hard after that loss (rightfully so..) but I don't remember that late punch being mentioned. This will always be such a satisfying KO that will never get old. Holm is such an awesome person, too. This was as Karate Kid against Cobra Kai as it gets.

Haha Rogan is like ”Eh... what? She’s getting fucking blasted in the face by leather”

The no touch of the gloves gets me every time.

Ronda was such a poor excuse for an ambassador of the sport.

That was 2 years ago? Damn, time flies.

"it has nothing to do with being a rockstar, she's getting punched in the face!"

She lost her comeback in large part due to how she reacted to the Holly loss though. She didn't admit there was any problems or change anything about her game or camp. She set herself up for the exact same thing. She was never going to win that Nunes fight unless Amanda literally walked straight out to her and gave her an armbar.

There's also a big difference in how the fights went. Ronda got outclassed to the point where it looked like she didn't belong in the same league as holm. Whereas Joanna got caught twice by hard shots and it put her away. I would consider rose/jj more like jds/Cain 1 whereas ronda/holm was more like jds/Cain 2 and 3

I reckon that'd be Aldo vs McGregor.

Especially because of how short it was.

Man I was talking with a friend going like "You know there's no way in hell Ronda is dumb enough to take 18 months off, learn absolutely nothing, then get back in the ring.  She definitely figure out striking enough not to go down the same way again and probably worked on her ground game a ton to focus on her strength."

48 seconds later....


Man I was talking with a friend going like "You know there's no way in hell Ronda is dumb enough to take 18 months off, learn absolutely nothing, then get back in the ring. She definitely figure out striking enough not to go down the same way again and probably worked on her ground game a ton to focus on her strength."

48 seconds later....


I get what you're saying but Holly knocked out a judoka who was fooled into thinking that she was a world class striker and Rose knocked out an actual world class striker, probably the best we've ever seen in WMMA.

Everyone thought that Rose would have to use some really unorthodox grappling or something if she was going to stand a chance against JJ and she just went out there and knocked her out in the first round.

Also JJ is the WMMA GOAT in my book and beating her is a bigger achievment than beating Ronda.

Just an all around ass beating

Dana is nowhere near red enough

I bet this is the most watched fight in the modern history of MMA.

This is my favorite fight ever I think. I hated Ronda so much, but I fell for all the Rogan and UFC hype and just assumed that she’d dominate again. I even laughed at everyone who bought the PPV because it’d be 20 seconds and streamed the fight.

That entire first round I was just shocked and excited that Ronda was getting beat up, but still had the feeling that she’d come back. When that head kick landed in the second I think I yelled louder than I ever had watching sports. Just a surreal night.

Watching Ronda's stiff stance hurt my knees.

This was the first mma fight I was ever invested in, and I think first card I ever watched. I didn't know much about fighting, but the way Holly carried herself at the weight ins made me root for her. Love Holly for showing you can be badass and carry yourself with grace :) One of my fav fights ever. Can't believe Ive been into this crazy sport for 2 yrs already lol I'm obsessed :)

I think people let it go, or forgot, because of how bad she got her ass beat

Ronda ghosting in shame is what destroyed her image and credibility. A fighter like DC, Conor or Bisping get knocked out / choked out and they say - I lost, my opponent was the best fighter and they come back.

Ronda ran and hid like a bully that was beaten on the playground especially after all the shit she said about Holy.

At the risk of being crucified, I don’t get why he gets shit on for this line. It makes sense that her becoming a larger than life figure was eventually her downfall.

She actually got worse, wtf was that "footwork" against Nunes? It was either her idea of what footwork is which is Edmond's fault for not teaching properly or that was what he taught her.

4:40 listen carefully Herb Dean - "You were out, you were out, you were out, slow down" Ronda - "NOOOOOOO!"

Edit: 7:45, thanks guy below me

I always get a little extra hype when there is no touch of gloves for some reason

It just felt so forced and out of place at that time. It's like something he wrote before the fight and couldn't find the right opportunity to say it.

"...like a rockstar. Also, CORN NUTS - CORN TO THE CORE!"

The arrogance before and the cowardice after was such a bitter combo. No coming back from that.

Because she was clearly gassed from chasing someone down and getting blasted in the face. I don't think the photoshoots suddenly caught up with her.

But yea, I get Goldie was trying to make an analogy. It was just bad timing.

Like an off-road truck with no suspension

She was Ronda's kryptonite. Her style really doesn't work unless somebody charges at her. After this fight people were like, I'm good on that.

NOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol yes she did??? All she did was quit. Disappeared for a year after this one, disappeared forever after the Nunes fight. She was dominate in early WMMA, never was a huge fan of hers myself. Quite the opposite actually. All of her “do nothing bitch” and the walk out song and all that crap....never heard from again after losing.


Side note, what a creep Edmond is.

For all Ronda's BS, she NEVER quit. Even against Nunes, she didn't even go down. Ronda really was a tough woman, you really don't appreciate their accomplishments until they're gone. Hope she's happy wherever she is, she's earned it.

Ronda did try to tie her up on multiple occasions. It’s not like she just stood in front of her and abandoned her strengths like Rashad did against Machida. Holly was just ready for it and fought perfectly.

Mac/ Alvarez was pretty one-sided for about the same amount of time


I remember thinking at the time that Holly Holm was going to be the female GSP. It's a shame she hasn't done anything impressive since this win.

It raises the stakes. If they act too tough to be civil and then get their ass kicked they look silly, same as if they talked shit and failed to back it up.

Just because Ronda attempted to tie her up a couple of times doesn't mean that she fought a grapplers fight or that her overconfidence in her own striking wasn't a factor.

She clearly didn't fight like someone who is aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and she didn't train like it either.

IIRC by the time Ronda tried to tie her up for the first time her brain had already been rattled a couple of hundred time while she was chasing Holly playing Tyson without the head movement.

I think Holly probably would've beaten her either way but if we are comparing impressive victories I think we need to mention the fact that Ronda clearly overestimated her own striking since it's a big part of why Hollys win was so dominant IMO.

Joanna is a better fighter with a better resume than Ronda, she has some of the best coaches around while Ronda had one of the worst coaches around, her striking is also approx 108 times better than Rondas. Knocking her out is more impressive than knocking Ronda out IMO.

This is still the best piece of recorded history about that fight.

Holly has great hair too lol

Yeah I've seen it over 50 times probably 100

And 1 year ago, Meisha retired. Things have changed so much.

Yea, I get that a lot of fighters act like an asshole to get more PPV buys. But in her case, you could really tell she was a bitch.

I'm surprised. I think Ronda's confidence really shows here. In her subsequent fight, she came in rigid, hesitant to throw down, and well, you all know what happened against Amanda.

But she looked like she had the fighting spirit in round one, albeit not the standup skills to back it up. I remember feeling differently back then, like she was just completely screwed. Don't get me wrong... she was, but I think she may have had a better chance tiring Holly out with sudden, forced grappling scrambles.

That was not a great look and I think people would have been alot more forgiving if she showed an ounce of humbleness.

She was probably dazed from all the haymakers she took directly in the face. Can't really blame her. Have you ever been punched before? It makes you dizzy as fuck!

Oh my god what a great photo hahaha. I forgot Joanna fought that night too.

I live in Melbourne, I really should have been there.

Yeah top level MMA really wasnt for her or she wasnt willing to improve to that top level, good that shes moved on now.

He was upgraded to a wider color gamut last year during one of his trips to germany for regenokine. I believe he has full 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut now. Believe it or not he was still using the NTSC gamut in 2016.

"Conor's relaaaaaxed, smilin-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

i couldn't believe it when she hid her face behind a pillow returning to the states at the airport You don't get to project that strong confident image then hide behind props the first time you lose and expect people to be sympathetic.

i couldn't believe it when she You don't get to project that strong confident image then hide behind props the first time you lose and expect people to be sympathetic.

Fuck now I remember the absolute beating JDS took those last two fights... I would’ve retired lol

I still have no idea why Rousey decided it would be a good idea to stay standing up and not try to take the fight to the mat once.

not this shit again

Aww man... Cain was an absolutely destructive and awesome fighter when he was in the zone (and uninjured (and at sea level)), but thinking about those fights still makes me sad.

This was the final nail in the coffin IMO.

She dug her own grave being such a shithead to holly at the weigh ins, then again on social media, then again refusing to touch gloves. Then she showed weakness hiding behind a pillow at the airport, and people couldn't wait to kick her when the bully was beaten to the point she couldn't stand to be seen in public.

She dug her own grave being such a shithead to holly at the weigh ins, then again on social media, then again refusing to touch gloves. Then she showed weakness hiding behind a pillow at the airport, and people couldn't wait to kick her when the bully was beaten to the point she couldn't stand to be seen in public.

In RR's defense, she wasn't afforded the opportunity to display footwork against Nunes because she was out on her feet after the first exchange. Survival mode of just "stay standing" was on her mind.

One of the best MMA moments I've experienced. Also hate her, also expected her to run through another can, sitting at a pub with the other two guys I always watch PPVs with and we all lost our shit, smacking the table, jumping to our feet yelling.

7:45? I have never heard that before.. wow



To me Ronda looked ready to fight against Amanda. She was doing her crow hop to the center of the octagon and everything. Amanda hit her once and changed Ronda's mind,lol. Ronda backed up for the first time in her career. I really think that Amanda would have beaten Ronda years ago exactly the same way she did last year.

Dude right? I didn’t believe the title at first and went and googled it.

Sure enough. Fuck me dude.

There is a huge difference in how they lost.

Rousey was target practice.

The missed left hook is now a meme and the fact that Holm (a total non-grappler) picked her up and dumped her on her back.

Holm beat Ronda EVERYWHERE. The only thing worse would have been an armbar submission.

Yea, that was really low. It was a crazy contrast watching her cry like a little girl while Holm was so gracious and comforted her. You know Rousey wouldn't of done the same.

Then all Rousey's talk after, about how everyone turned on her because they just wanted to see someone fail.

She got what was coming.

Has there been a championship fight where the champ was so utterly outclassed like in this one?

"I could totally see Ronda giving Mayweather problems in a boxing match!"

-some delusional fan, somewhere

Sherdog being ecstasy 😂

Refusing Meisha's hand after winning made me dislike her. All I wanted was for her to lose. In the end she fell for her own hype, thinking she could outbox Holmes.

Yes that too lol She's cool. And it makes me smile to think that she's probably the wild child in her family lol

Seeing this happen in the flesh with my old man, my best mate, sitting beside me was absolutely incredible. He's never stopped talking about it, and now I'm taking him to the UFC Sydney event this week so I'm praying we see some more fireworks.

One of the best weekends I've ever spent was taking him to 193 in Melbourne, it was amazing top to bottom and the crowd during this fight was INSANE. Men and women crying, rude Rousey fans in front of us becoming hysterical when she got merked, winning thousands on a sly bet we put on Holm... Just fantastic.

I don't think you understand how beat up she was. She was in survival mode at that point, probably didn't even hear the buzzer.


It’s so bad. She puts all her weight on the inside of her feet it’s strange.

I see where you’re coming from, but I doubt it. Her fan base was largely casual and the mystique was her always winning. Two brutal ko’s in a row stopped that hype train and then all the casuals jumped on the McNuggets express.

You're right that this was more of a complete domination. But the Rose win was still more unexpected for me. Joanna was seen as the complete fighter and had decidedly beat Claudia Gadelha, Karolina and Jessica Andrade who all seemed like tougher opponents than Rose (at least to me). And Rose had lost to Karolina and then was getting her title shot after beating PVZ and Karate Hottie.

The Lyoto Machida problem. He was the Dragon till people realized you just don't go to him and it's over.

Connor's interview

after his blowout that night was truth. "Ive been on the end of many setbacks before and I will not make excuses for it. I will asses it and come back". As much as I was rooting for Diaz in the rematch he did just that and came back a more rounded fighter.

Like Rocky said it's not how hard you can hit, it's how hard you can get hit and still get back up.


Holm actually landed a TD to add salt to the wound too. Styles make fights, and this was a bad matchup for Rousey. That being said, I think if she had a capable trainer it could have went a lot differently.

Even the full commentary has become part of common knowledge.

What's happened to sherdog? Saw the final episode of beatdown pop up in my podcast feed this morning but haven't listened yet. The fuck is sherdog doing? Sherwood gets let go, and their best product, beatdown podcast is over? The fight finder runs more scripts in the background than a shady porn site, and has 11 ad trackers causing my I7 8GB Ram + 256GB SSD equipped machine to run like a intel atom with 1GB of ram and emmc storage. They're ruining all the good will they built up being an OG covering MMA before it got big with TUF in 2005.

She was using her Olympic Judo skills to win, during this time Edmond taught her close to nothing. When it came down to defending strikes she was dead in the water.

Her major mistake was that her wins went like this:

Move in for clinch Eat punches Take down and finish

Watch her fights I think all but 1 ended like this.


face* beating

Ronda was also constantly being told by everyone around her (and not around her) how perfect she was. Joe Rogan was fucking saying she could hold her own against Cain. All that shit came crashing down all at once. It must have been hard for her psyche.

Couldn’t tell at the time, but looking back you could tell by the way she said “no” that her career was over. She knew she got her ass handed to her and that it would never be the same

Drat. I was hoping people would forget this was today.

Jones/Shogun was one of the first 'holy shit' MMA moments for me. I'd just seen Shogun/Machida 2 and I'd heard all about how good Shogun Rua was. Then this young gun fills in late for Rashad's injury and walks in to Empire State of Mind looking all relaxed and shit. Then he begins the fight squatting on the floor, like the fuck is this kid doing? But of course, he then just dismantles Shogun fucking Rua and makes him tap to strikes. Youngest champ ever. What the shit just happened.

Makes me sad all over again. Bones Jones did turn out to be something special, but not exactly in the way that we'd hoped.

If you watch the video to the end it finishes with Rousey on the floor having the blood wiped for her face with Holy looking on. It then restarts automatically to the face off where Rousey refuses to touch gloves. Dickhead.

This will never get old for me.

NOT IN THIS CASE: If you go to the 5:25 mark you will see Ronda doesn't throw that punch until clearly AFTER the buzzer. It wasn't started during or midway, it was clearly after the buzzer. They would have deducted a point if Holms and her corner made a huge fuss, but since Holly is nothing but class, she shrugged it off.