Or... I'll sit on you until you hatch and then find food for you and to make it easy I'll even chew it for you.

Same with humans

"Get a job, bitch"

“Here’s some crippling debt, bitch”

Yeah, such a dumb cartoon. Birds do plenty to protect their babies until they're ready.

I think that was Kardashians

“Make me a sandwich, bitch”

Am I doing this right?

Awwwwww, bitch

Uhm bird lives matter ~

The bird did protect it's child until it was ready. Then it kicked it out of the nest. It's the same situation just a few months ahead of the mammels.

You did good, bitch!

If I had to vomit food into my baby's mouth I'd probably do the same thing!

Wasn’t there a post about how mother kangaroos throw their babies at predators to save themselves?

U r defending a bird...

Yea, after 16 years.

rather "FLY BIRD"?