A Palestinian girl tries to punch an Israeli soldier, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. I wish I knew the whole story. [1500x1000]

A Palestinian girl tries to punch an Israeli soldier, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. I wish I knew the whole story. [1500x1000]

It's pretty interesting how easy it is to make the Israeli soldier look like the bad guy in this photo given the context of the video. Not to say they necessarily aren't, but i'd be more concerned with the parents/people who had them do this.

The whole story is that the Palestinians and the Israelis hate each other and they brand that hatred on their children.

Wish I could find someone to support in this conflict. I mean, on the one hand I feel terrible for the Palestinians and what they've suffered through, and on the other I find their methods revolting. I feel like saying something callous like "I guess since they have the highest birthrate in the world they view their kids as semi-disposable", but that would be an awful generalization. I can't help but think that if they really adopted Ghandi/MLKesque non-violence instead of blowing themselves up or manufacturing faux foto-ops, they'd have a better shot at galvanizing the international community, but I'm probably just naive.

I wonder how many Americans would be shocked that, minus the context, this looks like a photo of two white folks from Ohio.

wow... Im really surprised to see a fair skinned blond Palestinian girl. I live in the US, and visit Israel only every few years, but I rarely see natural blondes there, let alone ones with such fair skin.

But anyways, lets remember also that Israelis are in the army on a compulsory basis. This solider looks... 18 or 19?

edit: fair skinned blond, not fair skinned white

What also is interesting is that Israel has mandatory military service. Maybe the guy doesn't even want to be there at all...

Ghandi's Salt March was a manufactured photo op. So were his hunger strikes. Part of his genius was manipulation of the media.

It's really sad how messed up that region is. No one can truly know what the Palestinian people are going through. They feel entitled to their own country and and they have been living in the region for centuries and yet they don't have it yet. It must be frustrating. Imagine you're trying to get something you want and you wait decades for it and you just reach a certain point of frustration that must be how they as a people are feeling. While I don't condone the use of violence none of us truly knows how each individual Palestinian feels on a daily basis or even how their leaders feel. It's just sad.

No one can truly know what the Palestinian people are going through.

Kurdish people? Surpressed minorities everywhere? Black's in Apartheid South Africa? Dude, the Palestinians are not special. Injustice is, unfortunately, really, really common.

The parents told them to do so because they were hoping that the soldiers would attack the children back, and they would have it on video, or just picture. Obviously to make the soldiers look bad. I don't think it worked the way it was suppose to though because the soldiers knew better. I didn't watch the whole video but from what I saw, they did nothing about it because they knew what was going on. Only very obvious when the parents were standing back recording their kids being reckless. I can't stand to watch the video. Pisses me off.

Especially now that a twelve year old girl is screaming at him.

I've a few Palestinian friends, and they all look pretty much white (with blonde hair).

Manufacturing photo ops isn't resistance, it's the worst kind of propaganda and ultimately undermines their position. I have no idea whether the isrealis (or any other group) would use suicide bomber tactics and the targeting of innocents if put in the same position, but either way it is completely irrelevant to the fact that those tactics are disgusting.

:( indeed sir. :( indeed.

The blonde-haired and blue-eyed Arabs are descended from Crusaders. Like any good army they did plenty of marrying and/or raping of the local women. (Side note: the Muslim armies weren't any better.)

That's misleading to call it the Palestinian government, as it assumes that the government was governed by Palestinians. During the origins of the Jewish settlement in Palestine, Palestine was governed by the British during the early years of the developing conflict (1918-1948).

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WW1,the territory of Palestine was given as a league of nations 'mandate' to the British. So when we talk about it being okayed with the Palestinian government, we are really talking out it being okayed with the the British High Commissioner and the government in London.

The Jewish immigration to Palestine during the 1920's and 30's, was objected too heavily by local Arabs. Many Arab landlords were willing to sell their land to Jewish settler's, which enraged the local Arabs as they were kicked off their land. This actually culminated in the Arab revolt 1936-39. Which, although suppressed by the British, however did result in the issuing of the 1939 White Paper which stated the British governments intention to partition Palestine into a Arab majority state.

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I speak hebrew very well.. and I can only make out a few words here and there 'yala yala' which is like 'come on come on'.

I know that Arabic (which the children are yelling in) as well as English are taught in school in Israel from a young age, and I am sure these soldiers are esp. trained, but I cant help but wonder if these boys are just shaking their head not understanding half of what's being said. "okay... okay.... just move along"