A Trio of Wealthy Russians Made an Enemy of Putin. Now They’re All Dead.

A Trio of Wealthy Russians Made an Enemy of Putin. Now They’re All Dead.
A Trio of Wealthy Russians Made an Enemy of Putin. Now They’re All Dead.

Wouldn't you?

Free property to dig holes on. Guy's dead.

On the eve of a preliminary court hearing, Mr. Glushkov stopped answering his phone. When his daughter drove to his house to investigate, she found him inside, strangled to death with a dog leash. Later that night, dozens of antiterror police cordoned off the house and began digging holes in his yard.

Why would they dig holes in his yard??

Putin gives the order and people die. Their crime is disloyalty to the RUSSIAN Putin Empire. That is another of TRUMP's ambitions. Life or death, to the one who fails to follow orders or dare to tell truth. That is why he wants to HIRE Eric Prince.

Mr. Glushkov’s death has sent a strong message to Russia’s émigré community. He was part of a trio of once-powerful Russians who, after amassing fortunes during Russian privatizations, helped build the political system that brought Mr. Putin to the presidency. After falling out of favor, the trio fled to England and tried to mount opposition to their former protégé, only to see their efforts disrupted by untimely deaths and costly litigation.

This has been another lesson in civics from civicsfactor!

Maybe they thought he had buried/hid something.

After choking him with a dog leash, digging holes in the yard made it easier for them to blame the death on his high-strung dog.

Trump has had people killed too this rabbit hole is fascinating and quite frankly every American should look into this

Trump just lets the Saudi's do his dirty work for him. Plausible deniability and all.

Our problem, his asset...

In Russia, his death was portrayed by state-controlled media as a homosexual tryst gone wrong.

I hope Putin gets his comeuppance at some point and isn't allowed to die of old age or natural causes

Look on the bright side, maybe vlad will take care of our 'presidential' problem for us.

Trying to frame him as having died from erotic dogplay?

Idk what website sutori is but I’m gonna go ahead and be skeptical