Ahhh psat memes

Ahhh psat memes

Lol I ran out of time with like 12 questions on the math calculator section and guessed them all

Same. I was thinking up meme content

I just took the psat, and I still don’t get why they added THIS as a question

I also used the ol' guess-n-check.

Without the check.

I fucked up my psat in 10th grade lmfao

But I thought it doesn’t count if you’re in 10thgrade

If it does then I just effed up my whole scholarship life


Common misconception

Yeah but it’s also the National Merit and other scholarships qualifier test.

It's a psat. Practice sat.

Wats a PSAT? I'm not American BTW.

I had SAT's this year

I think you confused him even more

The sat is a test that helps to get into college but before the sat you usually take the psat so you take the psat in 10th and 11th grades and the sat in 12th. The psat helps prepare you for the sat and tells you what you need to study but if you get a good score you can also get certain scholarships with it. The reading passages are usually pretty stupid so that’s why everyone is making memes

Neither do I lol but I do read the giant bold letters on the front

What the actual fuck is going on in America.

Never noticed how it literally says PSAT/NMSQT?

Still practice

Preliminary SAT it’s basically a graded practice but you can use it for the National Merit Scholarship

my calculator died so i just went through all the questions guessing completely wrong answers bc wrong answers don't count right??

I guessed literally all of section 4 because I didn't have a calculator and I knew it's not a grade. 😂 Room was cold as fuck too