An interesting title

An interesting title

They look like they would smell like stale farts and cigarettes

Vape juice*

Dude on the left totally has Mountain Dew in his cargo pocket and semi cleaned Cheetos fingers.

That’s very progressive of him

When this photo was taken vaping hadn't been invented yet.

Possibly to hide the lube smell 8 hours ago.

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I know these guys. Sad thing is, your correct.

nah Jesus was a Socialist. since Jesus is God that makes God Socialist

the only CD they have in their car is by Sublime and half the tracks don't play

These are the best dudes to party with in your early twenties.

are you suggesting that Vapes predate gauges?

Lube is fine but mention butt plugs and it's gone too far

Who hurt you?

That man has impressive gums.

Someone did that to a church near me as well. It said "One woman, one man. God's plan" and someone changed it to "Man on man. God's plan."

Well I know they are both non-migratory.


Do they still listen to Beastie Boys on repeat?

More like fresh farts and cigars

This is more like 10+ years old. This was old when I was still in high-school.

Threadless shirt... far out man, haven't seen that in a minute.

You guys are mean, I think they look fine.

This just screams Oklahoma.

I hate the way the word "libertarian" has been contorted to mean "propertarian" by some people. There's no inconsistency here, I think it's fair to describe Jesus as a libertarian socialist. How is a propertarian ever going to be "radically" libertarian?

It's Austin

Yeah, what the hell. These guys are normal dudes in their early 20s pulling a silly prank. What a pack of betches

General Reposti!

We like friction round these parts.

Hey, A-whole-by-choice, just a quick heads-up: alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'. Have a nice day!

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Aw poor homophobic sign owner.

While religion is dogmatic, it has had a net positive effect on the world

has it, though? Religion has obviously done a lot of good for the world, while also clearly causing a lot of harm. Do those balance out?

I don't know the answer, I just think it's an interesting question

I don't get it. What is Shomosexuality?



Gauged ears have been around for a long, long time. Definitely longer than vapes, I assure you.

I bet you could probably find some hieroglyphs depicting gauged ears.

I would if they had those signs. Usually though they keep their bullshit to themselves..

I think it's fair to describe Jesus as a libertarian socialist

No that's not a thought. That's a feeling, with "Jesus" and "libertarian socialist" both meaning "good" in your brain, even though you don't know what either is to any degree of resolution.

Jesus, for example, was aiming to be the Messiah. That is the office of an eternal priestly monarch of a theocracy. The conditions for libertarian socialism didn't exist until ~1900 years later, and has still never been formalized by any kind of power and exists only in theory as a form of idealism.

What it and Jesus have in common are idealism.

The same way liars and thieves become radically religious. By being louder.

Yeah, i feel like the judgement on this sub is out of control

Like kid rock

I can smell them from here.


Fake and gay

Haha the classic insult: throwing homosexuality in with pedophilia and beastiality. Quick and easy answer to why I don't stick up for the latter two: sex is only okay between consenting adults (or teenagers roughly the same age and maturity as eachother). A dog or a child don't understand sexuality in the same way as adult humans do, so they would be easily exploited/ traumatised.

Another thing: acceptance towards gay/bi people is growing despite many churches efforts, not because of. Churches like the one in the picture attempt to halt or reverse the social progress that has been made.

Still: I do not advocate randomly stealing their shit. However in a case like the one shown in the picture, very little harm was done to the church while creating a funny pun which draws attention to a very unfunny problem. Which is a good thing.

Obviously you see it differently because you haven't experienced the struggle of being a gay person in a homophobic environment, if anything you are part of that hostile environment.

I could be wrong. But this is a repost from /sub/austin, and the phone number matches New Hope in Austin on Google.

I was just poking fun, didn't expect you to get downvoted so hard for not knowing something like that. It's pretty normal to not know about trends and learn about them later when they make a comeback, so don't worry about it