Andre the Giant, 19 years old, surrounded by 10 lovely girls in Towels. Paris, 1966.

Andre the Giant, 19 years old, surrounded by 10 lovely girls in Towels. Paris, 1966.

No... That's Andre the Giant...

He is showing them how big is cock is.

Pantyhose and towels, what a weird combination.

I could be wrong, but the one underneath his right armpit seems to be staring right at it.

And the one underneath his left isn't having any of it.

Hello Lady!

Is that Audrey Hepburn in the middle?

I don't think that's a towel, it looks like a huge skirt/dress thing that they're all wearing (for the girls on the left (his right) it's especially noticeable that the fabric continues between them)

So...this doesn't make it less weird and it doesn't solve it, but I don't think they're wearing towels.

from left to right, this is my listing of which girls i'd do.











That's because it's Andre the Giant.

4 minutes

How I knew Andre was a kind and gentle human being in

I did some research to help you out.

Turns out, only #1, #2, #4, #6, #7, and #10 are still alive.

The good news is that they are still friends, and love to meet new friends.

I did some research to help you out.

Turns out, only #1, #2, #4, #6, #7, and #10 are still alive.

Didn't want the pit spot

Still can't believe that's claire underwood

I read your comment and thought "what the fuck is he smoking".

Then I went back and looked and holy shit, you're right. I have no idea what is happening in this picture now or why. Costuming was out of towels, but had a single giant dropcloth and no scissors?

dat ass.

Ah, the old Reddit Audre the Giantburnaroo.

Didn't notice til I read your comment. Now I'm wondering why...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, maybe, yes.

Hold my towel, I'm goin' in!

Anyone else notice that the happiness of the woman increases relative to their distance from his arm pits? The woman closest on the left looks particularly displeased. He must have had some B.O. that day.

Ok guys.

It's time to take a step back...



He led the tragic life of a freak and was never able to become truly close to anyone?

Makes their legs look better in photos, I'm guessing

Pantyhose/stockings were pretty omnipresent for lots of decades. Even when I went into business in the 90s, there was a dress code that women had to wear pantyhose with dresses/skirts. But they also may be leotards (i.e., dancers).

She looks hideous.


Well she's a giant

Anybody want a penis?


Ah the ol' reddit you-thought-you-could-avoid-it-doo

Andre the Giant had a posse!

With the title I went "Where the hell is Towels Paris?"

Don't forget to bring a towel.

My favourite story that isn't there:

"He [Virgil] told us the story of how Vince offered him [Andre] his job with the WWE, how his partnership with Ted DiBiase came about, and tons of stories about Andre. Thanks to Virgil, I can never look at Andre the Giant the same again. He referred to Andre as the "firehose" and recounted a time when Andre took four chicks and "stacked them up like a sandwich" and went to town with his "cock fingers." Yes, Andre the Giant is no longer the same in my eyes. Nor are sandwiches.

He also performed for us his cunnilingus technique, right there on the plane. On an invisible woman."

Ah yes, the cheerleader effect, the trick is to look at each one individually....

Holy crap they are all hot!

"Anybody Want A Peanut?"

The one under his armpit on the right certainly looks like her! Came here to see if anyone else thought so.

ah the ol' reddi- nah. forget it.

And she looks like Audrey Hepburn.


The women get exponentially happier the farther they are from his armpits.

I remember reading he had a distinctly average sized penis

While true, it is still an awkward contrast between the posing coyly behind towels and the implication of nakedness.

I fell like you can tell that it's not overly large just from this picture.

TIL Andre the Giant was a grow-er, not a show-er.

The one on the far right in the picture has the look of someone who just finished enjoying it.

I had this same reaction a few months ago. I wondered who this beautiful older woman was and why I didn't know of her before. Looked her up on IMDB and... HOLY SHIT, she's Jenny from Forrest Gump AND Buttercup from The Princess Bride?!?!?

I should have posted a TIL: "TIL: I've had several celebrity crushes over the past (almost) thirty years only to find out today that it's been the same woman all this time."

i thought she looks like she is looking forward to getting it

What a time to be alive.

Holy Fucking shit.

Fezik, tear their towels off...


A bunch of really awesome stories about Andre.

It was a fashion show, and he was posing with some of the girls. I suspect by the attractiveness level, they are models, but Paris is filled with beautiful girls as well.

French girls are so pretty.

Visual of Andre's Fingers with beer can for scale.

with beer can for scale.

Hold my giant I'm going in!

A pussy posse?

They are in fact homeless women who haven't a scrap of clothing to their name. Just your average french homeless women.

...but they may catch cold and cough.

Two of them aren't wearing pantyhose....even stranger.

Yep, the one at the left armpit, "This is what my life has become..."

Maybe I've been in /sub/xray too long, but I'm pretty sure I can see the shaft and head outline of his penis in this picture.

Are these girls in danger, Dennis?

This meme cured my erectile dysfunction.

Wheres the brazzers logo?

yeah but what about the 11th on the far right?

That moment you realize Andre's pinky is bigger than your penis.....

wow!, they died 7 days apart, jan 20 1993 and 27 for andre

World record for hover-handing the most women at once.

No more rhymes, now, I mean it!

And Jennayy

No, he had a penis.

Kind of sad for #3, she's pretty

It's the French, they don't forget.

hello pretty ladies.

The women just to his right is like "well then...I get the armpit."

Like, dead on.

RIP 10 pussies

Well, in any case they are mostly undressed.

The face shes making confirms

You came to this?

Pantyhose was once considered the fine line between scantily clad and not. When hemlines started to rise in the early 20th century, hose meant that your legs were technically still covered.

This is how it was in the US anyway. I don't know what those crazy parisians were doing back then.

I have a friend who is about 6'6" and closer to 375 pounds and he rocks toilet systems. Most of our friends don't allow him to use the bathroom. My toilet always handled it, but at a buddy's house he once shit two circles around the bowl and the turd was sticking up past the top. We named it "above the rim." Another time, at a friend's house, we had to fold up a wire hanger to chop it up so it would flush. Once, he shit himself because he was afraid to ask to use the bathroom.

I remember when we were in our early teens, he'd roll around in his driveway because his stomach hurt, and he'd hold his shit for days because he said that would make it bigger. I have no idea why he cared about that, but he sure did. His family were awesome people but kind of weird.

One time, he used my toilet and came out after about an hour and said "man don't you hate it when shit hits the bowl and falls forward and cakes up on your nuts?" I was like "no man, I don't."

His parents must've done the same thing, when we were late 20s they bought a new house because the underground plumbing was so stopped up they had to remove his old house and dig up the pipes with a crane and put new ones in. They may have been planning a new house anyway, but I think that's what forced it at that time.

My entire group of friends give him hell about it constantly, even nicknamed him "Poopy." No worse than we do any other friend in our group, but when it comes to shit, he has us all beat.

So yeah, my best educated guess, his poops are probably giant.

Andre was also said to stack up multiple women and fuck them all at once with his "cock-sized fingers".

The closer they get to his armpit the sadder they look.

Enter every short person on reddit who will say that large people do not haver larger penises, despite every other part of their body being larger than average.

French Pretty girls are so pretty.


ROUGH ESTIMATION TIME: (Why? Because I'm avoiding studying for my calc final, that's why.)

Most of the girls are roughly two heads (of Andre's) shorter than him. The average human body proportions typically put people around 7.5 heads tall, including their own head. I'm giving Andre 8, because he appears to be between 7.5 and 8, but closer to 8 heads tall.

Given he is billed at 7'4", that puts him at 88 inches. Divide that by 8, and you get 11 inches. So, most of the women (especially on the left) appear to be roughly two head lengths shorter, which would bring them to about 22 inches shorter, or just shy of 2 feet. I'm estimating the women on his direct left to be about 5'5".

The last few women on the right appear to be taller, but it is also good to note that the girls on the right at least appear to be standing in front of each other a bit more, while the girls on the left are closer to each others' sides. Not that it would make a HUGE difference, but I feel it may exaggerate their heights in the picture a bit. I wouldn't doubt the girls on the far right to be at least around 5'11". I feel much more comfortable with my estimate for the girls in the left of the picture, though! This one is harder to make out.

In the end, does any of this matter? Not at all! It's just fun to try to figure these things out, even though we may never know for sure. I could be horribly wrong, because I just googled body proportions and did horrendously rough math to try and figure this out. :')

That day, 10 wheelchairs were sold.

Later that night

Later that night

The implication is that they are naked under their clothes

This is what I came for. Thank you.

the dick skirt

Maybe it's the original version of from The Chris Gethard Show

(they needed a show idea and went with "lookin at dicks for an hour" but to comply with public access rules they had to be covered so wore a giant 4 person skirt)

Bad auto translation of the Quartier des Serviettes.

"And dere dey were: 10 white women!"