Andrew Gillum: ‘unseemly’ for DeSantis to run negative ads during hurricane

Andrew Gillum: ‘unseemly’ for DeSantis to run negative ads during hurricane

DeSantis is an open apologist for slavery. He could give a shit about what is and isnt seemly.

In 2011, as Ron DeSantis was running for a seat in. Congress, he penned a book repudiating then-President Barack Obama’s worldview by dissecting his biracial upbringing and questioning his Christianity while also excusing the Founding Fathers for ratifying slavery in the Constitution.

In the book, “Dreams from Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama,” DeSantis wrote that the founders were forced to allow slavery to keep the nation together and questionably referred to the three-fifths compromise as “anti-slavery.”

On mobile, I'll add source link in a moment. Though you could google the quote and it should pop up. This thing is slow as shit today so it might be faster lol

EDIT: Ew, the first thing I found was shareblue but it linked to American Ledger. Dunno how reputable those are, but the book is indeed real so /shrug

There are plenty of us that didn’t vote for gray skull and we DO plan to put Gillum in the Governor’s Mansion. He’s ahead in a lot of polls.

Yes, it sucks right now but painting all Floridians as morons who deserve bad policy and a racist Governor is not helpful.

We’ve been under Republican rule for a long time. And all we have to show for it is a fucked fishing estuary, poor education and a *demolished health care system.

We need a change and we need a change bad. But I’m also very well aware of the mass stupidity in this state. The same folks who flooded FB about the algae bloom and those in power refusing to do anything over it are now running against those who actually want to fix it. It’s demoralizing.

In what bugfucked reality could the 3/5ths compromise be considered even remotely anti slavery?

Florida voted for science deniers and deregulators. Now you have stinking polluted waters and bigger, more destructive storms. DeSantis is ready to continue the tradition, so enjoy your karma Floridians.

"Unseemly" is a core component of the Republican platform.

Now if only we could get rid of that huge DeRacist flag on 275 in Tampa that would be great. I'm sick of seeing that shit.

"B-b-but I was civil!" They plead before the floor dropped and their necks broke.