Apple pie (homemade) - this is how it came out! :) [OC]

Apple pie (homemade) - this is how it came out! :) [OC]

How the hell did you make it look so awesome

Needs more eggwash! Pity to see that pretty crust like this after all the effort behind it

Totally by chance. Mine came out with a swastika recently.

she is galadriel

Too pretty to eat! But I bet it is delecious!

Oh heil no.

Did you carve all that out or did it just turn out that way by chance?

Happy Cake Day ! 🎂

Audibly gasped

Thank you!

Should have been glazed more when baked by the looks of the picture once baked..

I find that for crust to be excellent, the dough will be too dry to finely detail like this. And I don't sacrifice taste for design. Edit: treasure to taste

the truth hurts

Dry pie crust tastes excellent with a healthy poor of heavy cream :)

I hope you’re getting rich selling those!

A perfect example of when food becomes art!

That is gorgeous!!! Almost too good looking to eat... ‘almost’ 😋

I was hoping to see how it turned out after cooking. Was is as good as it looked.

Where’s the dick hole?