Aunt and Uncle's home in Ventura, CA after latest fires... It's just gone.

Aunt and Uncle's home in Ventura, CA after latest fires... It's just gone.

It’s not like anyone wanted the fire to start.

Life gets real when your house burns down. Sorry for your family’s loss.

This is just horrible, my house and business burned, breaks my heart to see others go through this, my thoughts and prayers to them.

Very sad. I'm packed just in case. I was up north for their recent fires and was less than a mile from the evacuation zone. I moved south and now I'm not taking any chances with these winds...


Looks like a Fallout screenshot. Sorry for your loss.


I always assume it's arson. How do magic fires always seem to start when the conditions which best spread fires, not start fires, are present? There no way to prove it, but I don't think people flock cigarette butts out their windows and start fires miles away from the road. I'm not into conspiracy theories, but aside from some crazy person that just likes starting fires, who has the most to gain from annual California fires? Insurance companies probably don't enjoy paying out, and civilians don't like losing their homes, so what's the deal? I can't imagine that someone would start fires like this to prevent the fire department from having their budget cut, but now that most homes have those fireproof shingles and residential fires are extremely rare compared to 20 - 30 years ago, I can see a reason to downsize the fire department. Oh, except for the yearly fires that pop up. Hey, maybe we actually need more firefighters, right? At least get them some new equipment... After all, these fires need to get put out, right? It's not like we're all being held hostage by these guys, we could pit the fires out ourselves if we really needed to, right?!

Or maybe they do. Who knows?

Now u know how the displaced wildlife feel