Bas Dost: "I score a lot of shit goals."

Bas Dost: "I score a lot of shit goals."

He is also honest

99 positioning...

He scores these shit goals because he makes intelligent runs and is good at anticipating where the best position will be to score, he's like Filippo Inzaghi in this manner, the undisputed king of shit goals.

He's the first to admit when he scores a shit goal.

Bas Dost quotes in 2018 > Pele quotes in 2018

didn’t he have a long streak of first touch goals?

42 IIRC.

Shit goals are still goals.


Translated interview:

About having fewer assists and more goals: "I still like it [to assist teammates] but my job is to score goals and I accept that. It’s what everyone expects me to do, but that does not mean that I do not like to make assists. For example, this last game against Rio Ave, I got a great assist from Acuña. It was impossible to have a better ball than that, it was perfect. It’s important to be able to score, but with crosses like that, it's a joy to play football."

About his time on Bundesliga, where he’s the only Dutchman to have scored four goals in one game: "I think I had four chances in that game and I scored four goals. Which were also great goals. I score a lot of shit goals in my career, it’s my job as a striker, but the goals in that game were all good goals. It was a perfect day. In the last minute I scored the winning goal, we won 5-4 and it was an incredible result."

About Wolfsburg: "During my time at Wolfsburg, I learned that football is not only about having the ball, it's also about not having the ball. I never learned that in the Netherlands, I just trained with the ball. Suddenly, I was in Germany and every day we would do some walking through the forest. It was all new to me. I had problems with this, I needed to evolve. I also noticed that many German coaches liked strikers that would put up more of a fight, instead of calmer opportunist strikers. That was why I felt some difficulties there. But in the end, it all made me a better player."

About the Dutch national team: "I wish them the best, of course. I'll be watching them on the street if they qualify to the World Cup. A lot of things have happened in the past, but for me it's not an option anymore."

About what makes a deadly striker: "A striker has to be deadly in the area, he has to take advantage of every opportunity. This is the main thing. But keeping hold of the ball and making the right decisions when you are away from the area is also very important. Many strikers are able to score but then cannot play well with the rest of the team. For example, Lewandowski at Bayern is incredible. He's got everything. He knows how to score and how to be a playmaker... These two things combined is what makes a great striker. "

I think it was Ferguson who said he was "born offside".

What a legend

My favourite Inzaghi goal was in the 2nd CL final vs Liverpool where pirlo deflects a free kick off him and he runs off like a madman as though he scored from 30 yards out.

Love the guy though.

Suddenly, I was in Germany and every day we would do some walking through the forest

I had a dream like this once

"It's been a long time since I scored such a shit goal...and I love them."

I remember that there was this one game in the CL which AC Milan won 2-1 and Filippo scored twice and was a meter offside for both goals. Cant remember the match but it must have been around 2005/2006 or something.

That's insane

Thanks mate, I almost thought I was going to miss this one on my Bas Dost thread bingo.



As we say in portuguese, when Pele is not talking he is a poet.

His name is literally translated to "Enough my friend" in Hindi.


0:39 for those who want to skip the beginning.

link for the lazy

He doesn't fit the playstyle at all. Our wingers like to cut inside and score, not swing in crosses. Dost was a supersub at best, but he wanted to be a starter.

It wouldn't surprise me either if Danny Blind chased him away as well. He really was an awful coach who burned a lot of bridges with players.

A breakdown of the types of goals Bas Dost scores:

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The way it built up was one of the best parts for me haha!

Lol thats just absurd

Suddenly, I was in Germany and every day we would do some walking through the forest. It was all new to me. I had problems with this

Anybody remember if he in Wolfsburg during one of Magaths reigns? I wonder how he would have dealt with Magaths workouts.

Bas Dost > Pele

He had a long streak of goals. He's a superb player, especially in our league.


Swing in crosses

So you’re saying he’s the perfect ultimate striker candidate for United.

Didn't knew you portuguese knew this phrase lol

it's a shame it never worked out for the national team, he is a great goalscorer in an era where we desperately need(ed) one. But the style of play that suits him just doesn't suit anybody else in our squad so he was never utilised properly. I don't think that's anybodys fault but it's still a big shame


Am I doing it right

For only 80M.

what are you, text to speech?

This whole video is comedic gold. A true legend of football

I'll always remember Oblak at Benfica. He always "had It easy". Then, a few years latter, we got Varela as a keeper. Suddenly, it wasn't that easy. "Getting it easy" implies talent to start with.

"Pelé calado é um poeta"

Yeah he quit. World cup qualification is what ruined it, seasons 2016/17 and 2017/18. And I don't blame him. Even here a lot of people say "he doesn't fit because you need crosses". But we played Vincent Janssen, who like never scored for his club at the time. Meanwhile you had Dost putting in 30-40 a season. It didn't make sense.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Shame it didn't work out for him for the Dutch NT.

Well, we say that sometimes and not specifically regarding Pelé ahah

During my time at Wolfsburg, I learned that football is not only about having the ball, it's also about not having the ball.

Quote from the article.

Scored some absolute bangers tho. That vollet vs barca will always make me smile

When your attack fails to get you qualified for 2 major tournaments in a row, maybe something has to change. I'm glad the Netherlands has finally turned it around now, but there is absolutely no way that Dost wasn't good enough to be a starter for their 2018 qualifying campaign when they were playing with a guy who couldn't score for his life.

I feel like this guy's name should be Das Bost. I always read it that way.

Feio é não fazer gol.

Pele has never had an even descent quote tbh

Good job, Michael Owen.

Completely straight face when saying it too. Calls a spade a spade. Legend.

The third goal was pure skills tho. He kept the ball with a fantastic one touch and turned around to meg Buffon

It was really weird. He was our only performing striker for quite a while yet barely ever played. Often Vincent Janssen would start and then he'd be 2nd or even 3rd behind Luuk de Jong. Then Depay switched to the center and still 2nd or 3rd. The excuse would always be that he needs crosses to perform. Eventually he got tired of it and stopped.

That's just what Das Boot does.

The true hero is in the comments

They sold him cause he only scored 45 goals in 80 games. /s

Não existe gol feio.

I've played. On a shit level, but I've played. Did you score? It's in. It's a shit goal? No. It's a goal. But it was a ... No. It was a goal.

He eventually basically said 'fuck it' and said he didn't want to be called up anymore if he was going to be sidelined like that.

Nanana na nana na na BAS ⚡ DOST


He has also cemented his legacy as a meme along with greats such as peter crouch, arjen robben, toni kroos and lord bendtner

whatever it is goal is goal,,,

Good enough for "The List"?

What happened? Why wouldn't they want him on the NT?

He was in Wolfsburg between 2012 and 2016, so he mostly played under Hecking but it was presumably Magath who got him there while serving as a manager/director in the summer of 2012... Magath was fired two months later.

Well the Netherlands had a bad streak and they should've adjusted the playstyle and build the team around Bas Dost. The then current way wasn't working either so might as well try it that way instead of putting him in there with cutting inside wingers.

Great banter