Before Grocery Joe, there was “Trader” Joe (he’s on the right, from 2009)

Before Grocery Joe, there was “Trader” Joe (he’s on the right, from 2009)

OH MY GOD. STOP IT. How Joe of him. Now we know where the money for that lux apartment came from 💰 Maybe he retired as a stock broker with all the cash and was like, welp, time to pursue my lifelong store ownership.

I thought Joe was lovably blue collarish when we were first introduced to him but it turns out he's a former WOLF ON WALL STREET BALLER with a heart of gold and I don't know how to reconcile this.

I have so many questions now! JOE WE NEED AN AMA

From trader Joe, to trader Joes.

Holy cow, this guy is such a catch

Always wondered why America loved him so much without really knowing him after Night 1. Is it because he was seemingly blue collarish amongst the typical models and fitness coaches?

HE IS SO DARN CUTE. Nothing but respect for MY BACHELOR🖖

It’s because he looks / acts like the guy who showed up to drop off the catering and somehow stumbled onto the set and is cheekily waiting for someone to notice he isn’t supposed to be there.

When everyone is trying to put on their best mask and play a character, it’s refreshing to see someone act how most of us would in that situation, and it highlights how fake a lot of them are.

that's 100% why. he seems to be, and by all accounts really is, more genuine and "common man" than most other contestants.

He's got to be like 21 here, what a BO$$!

He's like an onion, so many layers.

Robert Mills, SVP at ABC, tweeted that it is his apartment.

So unassuming. We really don’t deserve Joe

YES. The show is so saturated with "instagram influencers" that having a super handsome, down to earth guy who seemed like he probably didn't even know how to use social media was very appealing. I hope casting takes note!

Something I’m finally useful for! IANAL, but I’m an expert witness which means I do math for lawyers in suits just like this. Let me do my best to put this in plain terms.

Reading this, Joe was part of a lawsuit as a plaintiff against Bank of America and some other banks. That means he was the one claiming damages, and that he alleged BOA did something wrong.

Let’s talk about what the complaint actually says. Joe and friends are claiming that BOA and friends are guilty of collusion and monopoly in regards to depressing LIBOR. LIBOR is London Interbank Offered Rate, which is used as a benchmark rate for short term loans. LIBOR is the most common benchmarking tool in the world for short term investments effects interest rates for different loans and financial instruments of different maturities.

Well that’s all neat but what does it actually mean?! Basically Joe and friends are saying the banks all got together and agreed to bring down LIBOR. This decreases the worth of different loans and financial instruments, causing them to lose money. Collusion is illegal to protect investors from price hacking just like this.

Monopoly is often paired with collusion as another count. Monopoly is the idea that there’s only one place you can get something from so they have total control of the market, also bad for investors. Monopoly is being claimed here in unison because of the control that these banks had together over this universally used rate.

Hopefully that sheds some light and I should probs be working on real cases but Joe 😍

TLDR; Joe and friends sued some banks

I don't think I've seen the Bond flick where he was a stock trader and then quit to pursue his love of produce?

He just continues to impress. He's smart, he's gorgeous, he's kind, he's humble and I wish he was mine. It's so refreshing to have a bachelor who is actually interesting!

I feel like Joe is sometimes treated like he is simple minded by the other BIP cast members just because he isn't verbose. But its funny to think about a bunch of trainers and instagram models thinking a guy who has been a trader and business owner and who tried to hold the banks accountable for LIBOR manipulation is not as intellectual or intelligent. Venmo John always seems to get the credit for having a grownup job and being intelligent, but Joe sounds pretty legit himself.

i love this what is he doing i love it he's so perfect i want to CRY

I would schedule my life around that AMA if it happened.

Holy shit I didn't think I could love Joe more, but this is incredible.

The libor scandal that broke years ago when Barclays got caught essentially proved that there is a global banking conspiracy, but it only got like 30 seconds of air time on the news because its boring and no one understands how it works.

The way libor is calculated is all 13 major international banks send a number to London which is supposed to be what they have calculated that day for libor. The bankers in London then remove the top 4 and bottom 4 numbers, average the middle 5, and that's how libor is calculated for the day.

So Barclays got caught manipulating libor and were fined iirc 500 million even though the manipulations made them billions in profit. The thing is, in order for Barclays to have successfully manipulated libor, all 13 major banks would have to be in on it, otherwise Barclays would always be one of the top or bottom 4 and never be calculated in. So we know they are all in on it, but the smoking gun was only found from Barclays. So for years these bastards have been stealing billions of dollars from us, and there's nothing we can do about it.

The fact that Joe not only knows about libor, but is also involved in trying to bring these banks to justice, makes me love him more than I ever thought I could, and I'm a married straight dude. Go Joe!

This is somewhat off-topic, but being a trader is now a bit a disappearing job as algorithmic execution becomes more and more common. However, it depends heavily on the particular market you're in. My understanding is that equity markets are incredibly heavy on automated execution whereas fixed income (bonds) is still very much a 'get on the phone and talk to people' business.

I'm not entirely sure where futures for equities lies on that continuum, but if it's closer to the equities side, it's possible Joe saw the writing on the wall and figured a change of career was a good plan.

He’s a supplier, so it’s a natural move. As a trader, he can make money on the buy and the sell of produce. Even using the sell to recoup losses to mitigate risk.

It’s unfolding right before our eyes

Think of all the great guys we’ve missed out on over the last 15+ years because they got eliminated on Night 1 😩.

I think from now on, ABC should take all the guys that were eliminated on Night 1, have an online series where we get to know them more, and then pick the next Bachelor from that group. Sure, some like Kamil suck, but some may be great like...JOE 😍😍😍

Whaaaaaat, this guy is like a real life James Bond!

I feel like his trader past might be why he likes bougie things. When Kendall said that to the Ellen producers, I was like, ummm ‘scuseme?

I think a large part of that was the very Chicago-like accent too.

ETA: Just adding that Joe is NOT the defendant here - no worries folks!


Paging sub lawyers who have experience in anti-trust litigation:

Care to translate the parts that concern Joe? :)

May be why he turned his back on trading... It was only filed 2 years ago, too.

ETA: Correction, it was first filed in 2015:

ETA2: also - is Louie Amabile his dad? He is listed as a fellow plaintiff.

The case seems to be still ongoing. records of their lawyer

Yeah I'm not going to lie, this completely changes my perspective of Joe now. I already really liked him as a person, but this puts him on a whole new level for me.

It depends on what neighborhood you're in and what you mean by affordable, but Joe is in West Town which is a pricey neighborhood and based on what we saw with the floor-to-ceiling windows and reflection of a big room, I'd be surprised if he pays less than $3000 a month unless it's a studio.

This makes me think of Trading Places aka the best movie about agricultural futures ever

Oh damn! Did not know that. He fancy.

This is so specific but so accurate 😂😂

Jokes on them; big banks don’t care about statistical validity. Should've went compsci.

I wonder if they are related.

I kinda love the idea of him being like the grand nephew of some mobster. Just one more interesting part of his history.

God I love him so much.

Sort of related I majored in stats in college and when I was graduating in 2014, a LOT of my classmates were angling themselves towards the automated trading side of things. I had to sit through so many "predicting stock futures" talks for people's senior capstone presentations.

How many lives has our dear Joe led?!

So this got me curious and I googled Joseph Amabile Chicago. Apparently there was a west side gangster named Joseph Amabile in the1950s. (Also I think it's funny that my phone autocorrect wants to change Amabile to amiable. Fitting.)

"Prannos second in command was Joseph Amabile,a top racketeer.Amabile was a high ranking mobster who ran rackets out of his El Morocco Lounge, a night club on Lake Street in Northlake."

Edit: updated google books link

Omg hi I’m excited to see another finance nerd here. I didn’t want to go into the full thing but YES JOE

He contains multitudes.

From my limited understanding, it doesn't actually reflect badly on Joe at all. I am just interested in his career before his short lived stint as Grocery Joe.

I feel like this is a knock on how big banks are run. I'm in finance, though not for the BIG banks, and our exec's truly do not care about stats or data. Even when it's in front of them, their big dicks say, "That's fine but here's what I think." They all nod then go the other direction and assume consumers are idiots for not buy what they're selling. 🙈

Yeah it's a lot to explain to people who aren't familiar with global finance, heck even my explanation was a bit of a tldr. That said, it affects us all, and everyone should be outraged about this. The problem is these banks have made everything so complicated that there's just no way to make the general public upset about it since their eyes glaze over the second you mention an acronym.

Reminds me of the Henry Ford quote: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

WHEW we’re gonna need more Trader Joe photos 😍 I’m hella gay as a bag of skittles but dayum Joe is just the whole package

Kendall did say she was surprised by how bougie he is once they got to spend time together post paradise.