Bowsette cosplay

Bowsette cosplay

Is that a normal sized person that's been photoshopped or is that a little person that's been photoshopped?

There’s definitely a ton of photoshop here

Welp here we go again unzips

That is some shotty ass photoshop work on this photo

"The internet made it fucky"

::Austin Powers accent:: that's a man, baybee

Are you pointing toward her chest as you say that?

Cuz you should be

It’s bowser, the lizard dude from mario

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Idk but he’s cute

So photoshopped what the hell

Pardon my ignorance, but how do y’all know this is a former dude? Or is this a well-known former dude?

Meh, I still would




Being attracted to anyone for any reason is gay. Straight people don’t experience attraction.

If that’s a man then call me gay

Is it still a trap tho. But actually really good cosplay good job

I remember when bell-bottom jeans were in style, but unlike this phenomenon, we didn't know it was wrong at the time.

Sneaky, that u?

I think it's just a really poorly done composite without much cosplay. Hair, chest, bracelets(/wrists?????), and shell all appear to be shopped, not even counting the weird blur on the face


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Careful bois, i think the choker is hiding an Adam's apple 😬

Just for clarity: if you're attracted to someone because they appear feminine, their FEMININE qualities, then that's not gay.

Just in case anyone is confused.

Normal sized person shopped and angled to look like the bowsette picture.

Just fyi all cosplay pics are shopped just like all model pictures.

Nothing is real, everything is permitted Or I could be wrong I didnt take the picture

Oooo, that is super fucky.

A man of culture I see

I don't know what a man or woman is anymore

like a melody in my head

Id still smash

Definitely not. Sneaky would've done better

dunno the source but here's more


Oh yeah did you show her your broadsword collection after?