Bret Bielema keepin it classy (no bamboozle)

Bret Bielema keepin it classy (no bamboozle)

Thanks for the No Bamboozle tag.

I've been Bamboozled too many times.

God his wife is attractive. Bret... you crazy son of a bitch you

We all know that Bret has flaws, but deep down he's a really good dude.

Hi fren. I am Prince from Nigeria. Must transfer funds, please give bank info and I reward you handsomely.

ALLEGED stripper!!

Born and raised in Arkansas, just moved to Madison. It's fucking cold as balls up here so that's one reason

The internet.

I hate your state

Y'all some hateful, hateful people

Man, I really, really like Bielema. It's a shame he didn't work out here.



Wasn't she a stripper?

He's right. Fayetteville is an amazing place to raise a family right now.

they met at a black jack table... maybe she was just a black jack dealer you don't know!

It's not even winter yet, son. This will feel wonderful in a couple months.

Who hurt you?

No offense to Arkansas, but I still can't figure out why he left Wisconsin. He had it made there.

He didn't get fired while running to the locker room, that was hyperbole. He was fired after the game ended, but it was in an office, and it was reportedly done right after the game because the following day is when many students (including athletes) leave campus to go home for the holidays. The university wanted him to be able to meet with the team and tell them personally.

Its allot harder to get kids to go to Arkansas than Wisconsin.

Bret Bielema's recruiting classes at Arkansas have been ranked 23. 29. 22. 23 and 27. His recruiting classes at Wisconsin were ranked 36, 32, 37, 42, 46, 44 and 65. Every one of his best recruiting classes were at Arkansas.

Just wait until it's -10 to 10 degrees for two weeks straight in January/February ;-)

Jeff Long was just as classy when they hired Yurachek.

lol bret bielema running

Both he and Long have been nothing but first class in how they've handled this. I hate that it went down like it did, but I think even more highly of them now than I did previously. I'll root for them wherever they go.

Haaa that's the tweet of a man who needs a job

It’s practically Canada


Are we beyond borderline?

Man, I would be tempted to be snarky after getting fired whilst running to the locker room

And everyone keeps saying I'll get used to it. I think its a practical joke they play on all transplants

pizza with too much cheese

No such thing

They say that in the Untied States the southern accent is the closest to a British accent. Fact: the US used to be a British territory. So, yeah, I pretty much am British

Money, conference prestige (SECW in its peak), closer proximity to better recruiting grounds, and most importantly, it's in the center of Texas, Kansas City and Memphis BBQ.

My dad :(

Love :(

Life :(

Some girl from tinder ;)

Exotic Dancer*

Given his overall appearance, I'm pretty sure he didn't work out anywhere.

England ain’t even properly played Alabama pawwwl.

They'd be great friends with Oregon fans right about now.

That's true but his system still failed because of recruiting. He failed to establish a pipeline for quality linemen (a huge issue for every pro style team these days), which his entire philosophy is based on, and once Pitman left, there was no one to develop our croots. If he were in the Midwest, he'd probably have more success at getting the players he needed.