Creative artwork made with sparklers

Can we get some DIY info on this? I'd like to do this with my daughter but I'll probably catch my hair on fire without explicit instructions.

I’ll give you two bucks for that

It might be lemon juice that would stop it catching fire and also browns when heated.

Edit: it browns because the carbon compounds break down. This produces carbon which is black or brown.

I actually can help here! We did this in boyscouts like 15 years ago!

Materials we used were

sheet of birch plywood

small can of regular white interior paint


Spray bottle of 1 lemons worth of juice, rest being water

And a printer to print out stencils. I guess scissors or an exacto knife help here.

Then just paint the board white (or whatever color you want) let it dry. Print and cut out your stencils and put them on the board. Spray the lemon water mixture over the stencils on the board, hopefully making them lay flat against the board. You want enough water to get them to stick, but not so much that you have puddles on the board. Let the board dry about 5 minutes, the place your lit sparklers where you want them to be. It will take some trial and error for the water amount. Let me know if you have any questions!

Ninja edit* the branches are just extra straight up lemon juice painted on with a paintbrush.

I'm wondering if that's a special canvas. Regular paper would burn, I'd guess.

I think that's what the spray was for at the start

Oh yeah, I remember this from when me and my buddy stole the Declaration of Independence one time.

It was probably lemon juice

What was the spray? Just water so the paper doesn’t catch?

I had no eye deer


What else does he do for the trees to have braches? There's no way that's how the sparklers burn... Look at the second one in, the big branch on the left specifically

“Some people shine while others sparkle.”

Benjamin Franklin

As a firefighter, remember to have water close by since you are playing with fire here, and make sure to do this outside!

You're the real national treasure

Why can't I come up this stuff like this? I'm so envious at the moment.

Maybe lemon juice drawn into branches beforehand

Plus a little bit of food additive for the deer.


What in the actual fuck? Is this something I can do to impress my imaginary friends?

Are you staggered?

Thanks for this, definitely gonna try this with my little sister :))

As someone living in california i take as many fire-safety precautions as i can. Thank you for your service!

Will somebody call bullshit on this? I get that it will make a design, but I'm not sure it will make THAT design with the steps shown, and I'm all out of snakes and sparklers.

“Some people shine while others sparkle.” - Benjamin Franklin

-Michael Scott

I think that is the nicest thing that has ever been said on Reddit lol

Yeah there's definitely something else going on here. That's not how the branches would develop from a spark shooting out from the sparkler. The top of the branch develops before the bottom in the gif, if it was caused by a spark, it would develop from the bottom and out.

You need heat too

I'm pretty fawnd of this technique

Doen’t think so.

They wouldn't be impressed. Imaginary friends have seen incredible imaginary work.

To be fair, it was an invisible ink joke, I think.

There's got to be missing steps. The branches don't really make sense with what is shown here. The sparklers throw off sparks in random patterns and they would show streaks in all directions, which they don't. It's also not a trick of lighting whatever was sprayed on fire, the spray would have an even coat, and even if they sprayed on a bunch and then tipped the canvas to create runs in the liquid, it wouldn't have run like that.

Another orbit around the sun.

Word, thanks for your honest response.

He doesnt actually place the sparkler on the far right correctly, and you can see the trunk of the tree show up a bit to the left of where it would if it was caused by the burning.

The lemon is the medium for the color. The water is the delivery method for the lemon juice.

The carbon compounds in the juice turn brown when heated/burned, so they need to be evenly distributed on the surface. Suspend them in water, distribute them on the paper. Let the water evaporate away and now you're left with a perfect even distribution of particles that change color jn the presence of heat.

Now use whatever heating method you wish to "brown" portions of the carbon compound.

Use electricity (carefully for fucks sake!) to make some interesting patterns. Experiment with using metal as the canvas, as the drawing implement, as the stencil, etc. But for fucks sake, be careful, this could easily make you dead. On second thought, dont use electricity...thats a bad idea...

Edit: yea dont fuck with electricity. Its nobody's bitch.

It'll kill you before you even have the chance to realize you fucked up. And that will happen even when you take all the precautions.

If I were going to try this, I'd use a heavy 100% cotton watercolor paper heavily wetted. I've used Arches for painting and you can get quite a lot of water into it.

OP and his buddy used blow dryers

Make sure you take pictures for /sub/expectationvsreality

In hindsight my hart can barely take this.

Well too fucking bad I'm doing this in your bedroom.

Oh deer, that’s a fire hazard.

I hate it when OP turns out to be a douchebag.

so what was done to make sure the sparklers formed such nice trees?

Where's the source, OP? You're leaving a ton of confused people in this thread wondering about the process.

Prepare to be stolen by Nic Cage, though.

Thanks! What do I win??

Dem sparkles doe.


Really? I just bought 4 boxes at Wal-Mart haha.

Safety tip: Do this outside, not in my bedroom

Happy cake day

Even still

You can't tell me what to do! I'll do what I wa

Directions unclear dick stuck in power outlet !

“Some people shine while others sparkle.” - Benjamin Franklin

-Michael Scott


Pretty sure the whole thing was painted with lemon juice before hand and the sparklers are just there to heat up the "invisible ink" It would look exactly the same if they popped it in the oven for a few seconds.

Being original is combining existing things in new ways. This person might have seen someone else do fire art, then thought, what other fire things can I use, experimented with sparklers, noticed the pattern looked like trees, and used the sparkler tool to create a motif I've seen before.

Moral of the story: make a lot of content in whatever focused area you are interested in. Copy people and combine different things. Almost everything you come up with will be ok to bad, just like the artist above certainly experienced making this. A few of the things will work, and you make more things like the ones you liked. But you have to make a lot of crap first.

You can do it. Get used to things you make not being good and one day you'll be surprised by a good one.

Got it.

Use electricity.

I thought it was wood.

Also, the far right tree should’ve been WAY further away from the deer’s rear leg, not touching it.

That is stupidly awesome.

Time to rub the Declaration of Independence with sparklers

Perfect for writing secret messages!

Drawn on with lemmon juice probably. You can see branches forming before the flame reaches the part where the branch connect.

I remember when that sub was good

Those were the days

I think they were painted on the paper/canvas with lemon juice beforehand - the heat from the sparklers would burn the lemon juice and cause the brown colouring :)

That is so cool.

I can't find it on the internet. Every time I try to search some variation of sparkler art, I get light painting, and I don't want that.

This is really interesting, though. Thank you!

Yes it is. It shows up when it's your reddit account's birthday. It took me over a year for me to learn what it was and what it meant

Everything in california can give you cancer apparently

I'm sure etsy will be flooded with these for $50

I did a DIY that involved heat blueing small metal plates in my oven. Made a bit more smoke than I expected. My girlfriend came home and told me "this is the worst thing you have ever done."

Im sure i have done worse things. Kind of insulting really.

OP ded! Call the fire brigade!

What the fuck


Is the timing of the placement of sparklers important? In the video it looks like they place them in rapid succession. Could a first-timer place them one by one at whatever speed and still get the same effect? I presume you couldn't take so long that things started to dry out but I wonder if having the sparklers burning next to each other adds something.

I'd like to do this with my daughter

I'd start with paper cut outs first like the video showed......

Yeah as /u/102938475601 pointed out, the right most sparkler was placed way to the right, yet the tree shows up touching the deers leg.

I raise to tree fiddy

I don’t think reddit needs to be told to put anything in the coconut.

Seriously op, a lot of people liked this art and wanted to figure out the process and you’re over here explaining it with “everything burns?” If everything burns go to a dr. It’s chlamydia.

I thought that was to create the sparkle effect at the end- those spots didn't burn

2 karma coming right up!

As far as I remember, the lemon makes more of the brown show up. As far as I can say from research and life experience wise, the limes should be the same. If not try other fruits whose juice dries without being super sticky

I offered to put it in the oven, but they said no.

Step 1: take the pack of sparklers and wrap them together tight with electrical tape.

Heads up, pretty sure sparklers will also give you cancer in california.

Smokey the Bear highly disapproves


Pretty clear from the gif. You spray clear alcohol into the paper and then lay lit sparkles on top. Duh.

Well the lemon juice under the deer cutouts would brown too because if the heat. Wouldn’t it?

Maybe that was his intention!

Maybe put the lime in the coconut!

Most likely. There are probably very faint pencil lines on the paper we can't see in the video


That’s rad! So in this example with the branches, they planned out where to put the sparklers before and drew the lines ahead of time right?