CreepyJoe Biden

CreepyJoe Biden


I am trying to get a head start on this.

Need a LOT more pictures.

Love Doc Seb. Guy is brilliant.

A job suited for no man

He's my favorite player on team Trump. A complete and total savage ... God forbid anybody tries to fuck with him because he can destroy you with his intellect OR his bare hands. Dude is an absolute unit

Creepy Uncle Joe was very handsy and nuzzling with women. So gross.

This is a totally unfair statement. I have seen Joe be creepy with boys and adult women too.

Kid Sniffer

Gorka gets it.

That sub is gold

Gnome Ann, you say?

What's the alternative? Kamala Harris? Trump would beat her like a rented mule.

But then, who? Elizabeth Warren would be even worse.

Bernie Sanders?

He had his chance but decided he preferred a cabin by the lake and lots of private jet flights.

The Democrats have no candidate for 2020. It must be killing them.

I'm g'not a g'nelf, I'm g'not a g'noblin.