Crucify Jesus by Yourself Kit

Crucify Jesus by Yourself Kit

Stop it. Don't you know he DIY'd for your sins?

This is such a ripoff. I put it together and three days later the Jesus was gone.

Take the rest of the day off. You've earned it.


The spacing of the cuts on the pieces of wood don't add up to a cross at all. The longest piece should have a cut much closer to one end or the other instead of being near the middle.

The size of that hammer though.

Or Jesus was a very small man.

Well, carpentry was the passion of the Christ.

They stole it from Andy dufrane

I remember thinking it would take a man 600 years to crucify Jesus with it. Andy did it in less than 20.

How does saying "I'm a homosexual atheist" make him an asshole?

I was raised by STAUNCH Neo-Conservative Lutherans... Believe me, I would have fucking loved a toy where I could drive the goddamned nails into Christ's body myself.

I'm a homosexual atheist.

He will rise again!

On your desk, dining table or dash!

Maybe the two short ones are supposed to be connected together and the long one forms the horizontal piece?