Day 213 without sex

Day 213 without sex

Seriously? First one chick wants her voodoo master to finger her and now this? These hoes man.

Look who retweeted it.

Imagine someone walking in on you licking a doll smh

Whoever got my voodoo doll, put money in its pockets.

Naw naw! Chill! I was just cleaning it!

Bruh I noticed that shit too 😂

Good luck explaining that one

Whomst homegirl is this

That’s why Trump wants a Space Force

Aliens confirmed.


You see some of these weebs man? Shit like that is business usual

Yall gonna make me drag out the picture of a figurine some weeb nutted on every day for a year?

We take the kind that jingles, but prefer the kind that folds.

She look fine asl, so if she’s not getting her pussy ate, then she’s prob making the problem for herself

Naw man, we all got it

i got you boo

damn ur voodoo doll must be a collectors edition out on display to have you untouched and wildin like this

Funny you'd say 'deeper down that hole'...


If it’s life sized and blow up, it should be okay

Lol I was looking at the person below, thanks for pointing it out.

Too far

space nigger lmao

very top of the pic

Ok ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)