Do we love Dave or what folks?

Do we love Dave or what folks?

FFS I have a buddy who is openly gay that worked as a manager at chick-fil-a.

Shows the difference between the right and the left. People on the right aren't calling for boycotts of businesses because they employ gay people. People on the left however want to attack any business that is not subservient to their political will. It does not matter if the owners of the business are fundamental Christian, pro 2A, pro free speech, anti open borders, etc., etc. the left is intolerant, and aggressive in their intolerance.

They treat their employees pretty fucking good....even the gay ones. It's almost like the owners of the company don't let their personal believes infringe on another person's.

Yeah, fuck Chick-fil-A for opening their stores on a Sunday so they could feed all the volunteers helping victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Why is the left so obsessed with who is gay, black, etc?

Cough cough the personal beliefs of a Christian don't allow for meanness to gay people cough

Unless you are talking about Muslims. They are special and can do whatever they want.

We’ve got the best gays don’t we folks?

I think they also did it at the Atlanta airport a few months back when a huge power outage left hordes of travelers stranded. I could be wrong though...

It's the only way identity politics can work.

I speak for myself when I say this, but I don't stand with the same queer community (not gay community) that's trying to push their insane ideology onto our children. I'd rather eat a chicken sandwich and upset a few "queers" than stand with the same people that want to see my son strutting around in high heels and acting like a faggot.

Cough Cough 11th Commandment "Love thy neighbor" Cough Cough

All this talk of Chick-fil-a is making me hungry.

Dave Rubin isn't even right-wing, he's more of a left-leaning centrist. Which just goes to show how far the Left has been co-opted by extremists. They're even alienating their own.

Cough cough "love thy neighbor" was a summary of like half the Ten Commandments cough


Wow, terrible people. They should’ve just changed their social media profile pictures. It’s current year and they’re trying to actually do something for those in unfortunate situations/tragedies?! Impeach Chic Fil A!!

Seriously though, Chic Fil A is one of the only fast food restaurants that I’m not worried about how outdated the health inspection is or how well employees adhere to health codes.

whatever they want

Always with mysterious motives!

the first four are "level-set" dogma. "don't be a cunt" sums up the rest.

He started to change some of his opinions when he got to the point where he wasn't just rejecting right-wing ideas automatically because they were right wing. Which I can sympathize with, since it's a process I went through too.

This. Would be nice if we were allowed to separate being gay from “gay culture” and all the indoctrination that goes with it.

Gay pede here. My boyfriend and I eat Chick-fil-A practically every weekend. "Pride" is a fucking joke.

Yeah, Jesus never said: Accept sin. He enjoined people to better themselves. To CHANGE.

He never told people to wallow in their failings. Nor to tolerate them.

Remember when Jesus went into a rage and beat the moneychangers from the temple?

That was not the act of a man who passively "accepted" everything people did.

When he hung out with prostitutes, Jesus was trying to get them to change. He didn't say, "Hey, keep turning tricks! If it feels good, do it!"

That's the whole point of religion. (Even I, as an unbeliever, get that!) God demands change. It's Satan who accepts you just the way you are.

One wants you to increase your vibrational frequency in order to cycle out of the material plane and avoid a karma trap. Whereas the other wants you to be low-vibrational in order to keep you in the soul-cage down here, reincarnating forever (like a hamster on a wheel) so that he can feed off your energy in perpetuity.

God's offering you a way out. Satan's offering you a way to remain livestock to be fed off of.

Jesus came to CHANGE the world. Satan's goal is to keep it exactly the same. Hence why "tolerance" is such a diabolical message. It's designed to keep you lazy, Narcissistic and . . . trapped.

Footnote: "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization". --Aristotle.

If loving our fags is wrong, I don't want to be right.

The great Irony is that Dave Rubin was never on the right, hes a staunch progressive. The left has gone so insane that he is now considered on the right. That's just sad. I too am a former democrat that has simply been left behind by the new left idiocy.

I don't see how a festival endorsed by lube and vodka with dancers in skimpy attire promotes equality. It's nothing more than a carnal, self-righteous gathering.

Its as bad as weed smokers and weed culture. I might like to smoke a little pot every now and again but weed culture is a fucking embarrassing mess. Its one thing to be attracted to a certain sex and a whole different thing to have parades where a giant condom mascot walks around holding hands with kids and giving out dick shaped candy or having little kids twerking while dressed up as the cop from the village people for example...

Believe me.

Jesus made a binary joke. They asked Him which of the 10 Commandments was most important, and He summed them up as "Love God" and "Love your neighbors."

I hate my own dumb fuk people. As a gay people, my wish is nuking the fuk out of brainwashed devil Islamic center Mecca. And build a new country for gays here.

P/S: Gays are men who like men, not a gender-fluid-confused-non-binary-crap

P/S2: Muhammad is a pedophile and he had sex with a 9 years old girl

I'm a big fan of his conversations with Larry Elder, they're all phenomenal.

They tried killing chick fil a back in 201p and they failed. Good luck at round 2.

Are these liberals secret investors of Chick fil a? Because every time they do this shit, Chick fil a gets a huge boost in business. "Do you want to see them succeed even more because that's how you get them to succeed even more"

Whoa, so a gay dude who thinks the whole pride thing is a joke ... This sub keeps on winning.

I really like Dave a lot. In a way, he has gone through the same transformation as myself. I really respect what he tries to do, and he seems like an overall decent person. He shows you can be a classic liberal and still think and respect other points of view.

You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

I had no idea he was gay.

He was a left leaning centrist, now he is a right leaning centrist. Very noticeably so...

Way to break the vibe man

I'd eat chicken with them two queer fellas.

I didn't know either. Probably because he doesn't screech about it to everyone.

Ironically he's one of the most hated by the left. They see him as a scummy traitor cause he won't indulge there nonsense anymore.

Next he will be guest hosting for Limbaugh!

No you're absolutely right, they did.

Christians don’t hate gays. They just don’t approve of the lifestyle. And won’t bake wedding cakes. God loves everyone.

I'm Catholic. My best man was my best friend whom I've known for 30 years. I don't support gay marriage. I support him. I'll also be his best man if he asks. Life is complicated but it is clear that God wants me to love everyone, and let Him judge not me.

So what your saying is, he's a far-right, homophobic white supremacist (in the liberal mind).

it's amazing to watch someone as they realize they were wrong and you can see their mind changing in real time

Marxism. It's called identity politics.

He might be the only not-insane liberal left.

Without identity politics creating slaves to the party on promises that will never be delivered, they'd never be elected.

We love Dave Rubin!

Well yes he wants you to love everyone and not judge but actively participating in a gay wedding would be supporting a sin as something good which is the ultimate sin. But treating someone who is gay as subhuman would be just as bad

Underrated kek here!

Because for them it is just a easy way to get vote and they can't see them as what they are truly are, people

As a gay guy, I appreciate that. You don’t need to understand everything about us. Just treat us like normal people

I’m Catholic too. I believe God loves me, although I’m a little bit different.

And I have some friends are Buddhist, they totally ok with me. I believe every religion are tolerant, despite one call themselves “religion of peace” but they are not tolerant at all

Agreed. It was refreshing to hear a gay guy call into Limbaugh 's show & criticize the gay couple who moved to a different state for the express purpose of targeting the Christian baker. He was appalled by their demented activism, lamenting that they were giving gays a bad reputation.

Dave is one of the nicest, most genuine guys you’ll ever see.

I agree with this so much and wish the general population had the ability to distinguish between these ideas. The very fact that someone is gay causes no problems for me whatsoever. Be gay, be happy, enjoy your life.

It's all the extra bullshit that seems to come along with that sexuality that is so unappealing. And of course, not all gay people subscribe to it. Those are the people I get along with. Being gay is just a small portion of who you are. It shouldn't bleed into and contribute to absolutely everything about you and your actions/beliefs.

And what are they even fighting for anymore? Who are they fighting against? What discriminatory laws do we have? What has DT even said about gay people? Take that fight to the Islamic countries and try to save queer people living in those oppressive environments.

Ive caught a few of his "Rubin Report" episodes on Youtube. I think he does a good job of actually interviewing people, letting them talk, and asking them to expand/clarify. I recommend going and watching his first interview with Larry Elder. Theres a moment earlier in the interview where Larry challenges Dave on some of his preconceived notions, and you can see Dave have his opinion changed.

The only time you find liberals upset at men eating cock.

I've followed Dave for a while and I had no idea he was gay

Why would they choose a delicious sandwich Mole hill to die over? What the fuck is wrong with these people.

You lost to a cartoon frog, don't go fighting something that actually exists.

Also, I had no idea he was gay. I don't follow him too close but have heard of him and he doesn't seem to push that out front before everything he says. Front and center. Which is good, in my book. All that identity stuff should be secondary and way down the line of pertinent info when discussing ideas.

Truly disgusting.

A lot of us to be left-leaning. The Left went off the deep end about 10 years ago.

Gays so gay they marry each other, and then eat chicken sandwiches too! The best!

And a nazi, obviously.

This guy is married to a dude? Damn. That’s pretty gay.


the left is intolerant, and aggressive in their intolerance

Perfect, succinct synopsis of the modern day left.

Their goal is submissive compliance and forced acceptance. They care nothing about real tolerance.

Sky Williams finds out Dave Rubin is gay

Also, I had no idea he was gay.

As much as I like MMA and seeing Joey Diaz and Eddie Bravo on JRE, Joe Rogan is a loony leftist. He got butt hurt when Steven Crowder said he doesn’t care about marijuana and kept bringing up the benefits he was surprised that there are people that give no care to weather marijuana should be legal or not.

I’d tune in for that. As much as I appreciate Mark Steyn, he’s not an amazing radio host for a 3 hour show. Rubin would be a great guest host.

You speak the truth, my man.

I've got news for Huffington Post... If I have to choose between any political ideology and food, I choose food.

That's why I'm so opposed to communism.

Chick-fil-A is delicious.

Fucking xian terrorists!! Muh abortiin clinic was bombed 35 yrs ago! Ignore yesterday's ramadan bombathan.

Sargon of Akkad, Joe Rogan, Tim Pool... There's a bunch of em.

Big differences between the 2 and I couldn't agree more.

No, I think Rubin has changed his positions substantially. He didn't just stay put while the left moved further left.

Nuggets protruding.

The theory I've been running with for a while now is that there are two general types of gay people: those who see their identity as being primarily defined by being gay, and those whose identity is primarily defined by something else (being a fireman, a stamp collector, a musician, etc). And that the LGBT activist types are almost primarily the former, while we hear very little from the latter.

Am I off-base here?

Now this is a gay I can get behind! Wait

Yeah, I pretty much only go to chick fil a now for fast food (if not Wendy’s), to offset the SJWs

America First.

Great food second.


the owners of the company don't let their personal believes infringe on another person's.

Okay man, hold up. I believe that I should be able to eat chicken sandwiches on Sundays. So... just sayin' man, just sayin'

he was a staunch progressive

That would be great, but they dont need to. Where I live, the drive thru lines are always to the street...all day long. Plus ,they are too nice to be mean.

I actually tune into Rush when Mark is on. I like him much more than Rush.

Rubin would be better than both.

It's a political strategy called identity politics. They get votes by saying "you're a <trait>, and we take care of <trait>". They don't need any sort of philosophy or consistent intellectual reason, they just find some policy that at least appears to benefit the <trait> and add it to the platform.

It stands in contrast to wanting policy that pursues the common good and individualism.

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

I feel like Chick-fil-A is missing a lot of spicy opportunities on social media. They need to poach the person that shitposts for Wendy's.

Differences between gays and fags.

Anyone right of Stalin is far right

Love Dave Rubin. Stand up guy. Not always right, but always fair and open to listen.

submissive compliance and forced acceptance

sounds like "Islam"

There are millions of them Classic Liberals in this country.

Modern "liberals" call them "Alt-Right Nazies".

Liberalism always eats itself