Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and NRA

Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and NRA
Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and NRA

Putin's NRA funds the GOP.

It's the worst-kept secret in politics.

The same NRA that's been shown to be flush with Russian money? No collusion!

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where illegal coordination seems more obvious,” said Ann Ravel, a former chair of the Federal Election Commission who reviewed the records. “It is so blatant that it doesn’t even seem sloppy. Everyone involved probably just thinks there aren’t going to be any consequences.”

Business as usual.

Cohen was not only Trumps lawyer, He was also deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee.

How many republicans took NRA cash? Is the entire GOP compromised?

Yeah, we all knew about this two years ago lol

God, these people are terrible at conspiracy

You've just hit on why the GOP won't hold Trump responsible for any of his antics.

The Koch brothers outspend Putin at the NRA by more than 10 to 1. Putin is a half-fast subcontractor.

The Kochs and their network dump tons of money into the "NRA Institute for Legislative Action" which spends 2/3 as much as the regular NRA take in dues on Campaign contributions, almost all to Rs. They spent about $32 million on Trump and $19 million on 'informational' ads opposing Clinton.

If you're a gun owner, this is called "astroturf." It's not your money, and you didn't get a vote, but peolple make you think you counted.

Is there anything trump has done that has not broken a law?

Walked around with toilet paper stuck to his shoe... wait that may have ended up as littering...

This has me wondering how big tomorrow's F5 Friday will be when Mueller makes his statements.

The Manchurian candidate is supposed to fly under the radar, not yelling, "look at me!"

Russia has been in bed with GOP since 1995. The NRA was a convenient, post-CU, vehicle for "campaign donations" Most Russian money is "dark money" -- laundered many times over and stashed in offshore shell companies Putin hates US and Hillary (Sec of State), most notably because of Magnitsky Act Trump hates Hillary and has business dealings in Russia. Specifically, Trump Tower Moscow Russia employs NRA (and other tactics) to fuel chaos and steer the election for Trump and GOP Trump and GOP propose new policies that are favorable to Russia i.e. ending sanctions Trump and GOP blow up the US economy by way of Tax Scam and Trade Wars Putin smiles as the West looks weak and destabilized

Do you really think Trump and GOP are on your side? I don't. You do the math...

The same National Rifle Association, lest we forget, that was taking in Russian funds.

Funds that they claim weren't used to support Trump because they don't think we know what fungible means.

I hope Mueller gets them too.

The same nra that gave trump campaign 40 million dollars?

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where illegal coordination seems more obvious”

hold my BigMac - Trump, probably

Are they right? Jail time for ANYONE?

Man, Trump seriously cheated at everything to win the election.

Illegal campaign coordination with the NRA Inviting foreign powers to steal opponent's emails Campaign staff meeting with foreigners with ties to Russia Violating campaign finance laws to pay off two women who he had affairs with to prevent them from being public Pursuing international business deals where he would give a $50 million penthouse to the president of Russia

I am sure I missed more, too

He keeps saying the quiet part out loud

It's "half-assed"; although, maybe you were trying to be cute, or maybe it was spell check that changed it to "half-fast"?

The same NRA that is basically a super PAC for republicansto be paid with foreign money, which is definitely illegal? Yes. Yes, that one.

Oh, I know!

That time when he looked directly into the sun without sunglasses. I don't think that was illegal.

This is my surprised face

Nothing would bring me more delight than a humiliating, crushing end to the NRA. And I’m speaking as a gun owner.

I was going to mention his inability to close an umbrella, but technically he left that on the ground too, so littering x2.

Honestly though, if you were Mueller, how would you handle this? If you discovered some very large proportion (>75%) of Republican congresspeople were compromised, how would you go about taking them down?

All three of which seem to want more dead Americans.