Earl Campbell with "the stiff arm from hell" [x-post herecomestheboom]

Earl Campbell with "the stiff arm from hell" [x-post herecomestheboom]

The referee is super excited about that touchdown.

It took more than one person to take him down, even when hitting him low

In an interview he told the reporter he used to think being taken down by a single man was not manly.

That one after the head butt tackle they took his shirt off in peaces before they were able to take him down. Amazing

Fuggin' laughed hard on the re-watch

Barry Switzer has said that he only saw two players in his coaching career that could have gone straight to the NFL from high school - Earl Campbell and Marcus Dupree.




Marcus Dupree's 30 for 30 was awesome and sad at the same time. I'd never heard of him before I watched it and only watched it because nothing else was on. Glad I did.

this is what happens when you put anyone on the field against Earl.


Oh man. That is pretty funny!

"Yay! A goal!"

The Marshawn Lynch stiff arm was unreal. He threw the guy.

Earl never lifted weights. He was afraid they'd "hurt his flexibility". Earl Campbell is the definition of country strong.

Mistake #1 was trying to tackle him up top instead of going for the legs/knees.

Hook'em!! 🐂🐂🐂

The choke slam is born.

I love his hotlinks.

I love his .

Ah man was so barbaric. They should all be naked by the end of the game imo.

I read that before they used mics and giant screens, they really had to animate the signals they made so the spectators knew what the call was

That's sort of the mentality you need though, look at people like Marshawn and Lesean, they juke and run through as many people as possible.

Silly bitch, your tackles can't stop me. I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH! I'LL BEAT YOU WITH YOUR OWN LINE BACKER!

Dude couldn't have taken him down even if he hit low