Every single head coaching hire is a "Home Run Hire". Somehow.

Every single head coaching hire is a "Home Run Hire". Somehow.


This felt fitting to post considering this tweet I just saw for Tennessee, a team that interviewed 10-15 guys before one finally said yes.


I like Herm Edwards, but I find it hard to believe he's a home run hire.

Chip Kelley looks like he's defending himself against some hefty allegations in that picture.

He is a Hail Mary at best, and a pass directly to a defender at worst. No idea how anyone would consider him a "home run".

Herm Edwards is a suicide squeeze hire: It probably won't work, but it might!

"I did not have sexual relations with that recruit"

Rule #1: don’t bang the croots

Yeah... Pruitt isn't a home run hire.

I know, I know - you really want a way to still meme away - I get that.

What you see with Tennessee fans is sheer joy over 3 weeks of searching finally being done. People are just finally happy again.

Pruitt is a solid coach - I'd have him at a B personally.

But he's not even close to a home-run hire. Truthfully the only pitch we actually swang for the fences on was Mullen.

Over on /sub/ockytop somebody "graded" Pruitt and gave him an A+ for "history" because he has been a defensive assistant on some very successful teams. Granted, that's not worth nothing, but the fact that one would consider a head coaching hire's history to be A+ when he's literally never been a head coach before is hilarious. If Pruitt's an A+, what grade do you give the guys who were the head coaches on those teams? A++?

I don't think Herm has been described as a "home run hire" ever

Good thing I only tweet at them instead

Unless you hire Herm Edwards.

While SF is a home run hire, I think Kelly to UCLA could be pretty great too.


-Herm Edwards, probably

When everyone is a "home run" nobody is a "home run."

Unless all of these guys go 12-0 next season, this is some typical sports bullshit hyperbole.

Honestly, there’s only one home run hire in this coaching carousel if you ask me.

Does the sign of the cross

Gives confession to the priest

Scott Frost to Nebraska.

Schiano would have changed that narrative.

Well fuck, I think Arizona State Hire was a Single hit by error hire at best, not an Home Run. Herm Edwards is what you call a guy who you choose when you want to get your friend a job.

Tennessee was the one who took the bat for a long time before they finally got a hit hire.

Nebraska and UCLA hit the Home Run at the first swing of the bat, and Florida got theirs with 2 strikes at bat.

It’s like striking out while trying to bunt a runner to second.

The kind of hire you make when you have no idea what you're doing but you have a friend that used to do this kind of thing ten years ago and maybe he can figure it out and what do you care cuz it's not your money.

No, that is not the post. Is "history" even mentioned there?

This is what I'm referring to: https://www.reddit.com/sub/ockytop/comments/7i3ior/comment/dqvvxum

That hire was like a bunt to advance a runner to second base.

Obviously it does because the media wants people interested. Some coach hires may not be a "homerun" but are moderately good, which is what I'm seeing this season.