Fairy lights ✅ adorable cat ✅ plants ✅... the perfect cosy set up.

Fairy lights ✅ adorable cat ✅ plants ✅... the perfect cosy set up.

This looks relaxing and cozy but also seems hard to relax inside the tub with all those stuff around

Those LED lights near water are probably not the best idea

That stresses me out. Lights and wires are my feet. Giant Fern in the way, clutter! That is not feng shui.

I cant figure out how you're supposed to get in the tub. Climb over the fern?

I’ll just rest my feet h—and that is a cactus.

Waterproof protects the electronics from getting wet it doesn't protect you from getting electrocuted and without the water proof coating they're just as susceptible to water.

Also nothing is really waterproof just water resistant.

Any of those wires gets cut or pinched or one of the LEDs gets crushed and touches the water and the water will become live no differen't than dropping a toaster in the bathtub. The globe light on the rim should hopefully be running on a 12 volt battery which would drop the voltage low enough it wouldn't permeate dangerously in the water. It will still shock you though if the situation is right and even a 12 volt AAA battery has well more than enough amperage behind it to kill you if the situation is just right. Only takes 1 mili amp to stop your heart. I know of a guy who was killed by one such battery.

The reason people don't worry about it with phones and why the battery operated light isn't as dangerous and such is because of the low voltage once again. The string of LEDs aren't running on the relatively low battery voltage and are probably running closer to 10 times that. Voltage doesn't kill you amperage does but the higher the voltage the easier it is for the source to shock you due to your body resistance. Your body resistance in water goes way down because water is a great conductor making that 120 volt line go from "oh that really hurt" to "Ok I'm dying now." because of the increased amperage and the fact that it permeates far better through your body in low resistance. a battery even with your body resistance running relatively low won't necessarily kill you but it can. A battery doesn't shock you if you hold the positive and negative terminals. It does shock you if you lick both terminals. A car battery is the same way. It has way more power and could in the right circumstances kill you without question but the voltage is low so you can touch both terminal and be just fine. Drop a wrench across both terminals though which has similar conductive properties to water and the wrench will heat up so fast it could potentially explode.

Electricity is complicated. It's not just a mater of "voltage=death" voltage is how far it can reach you from and amperage is the flow rate. It take's a balance and calculating what can and can't kill you when it comes to electricity isn't just a matter of finding the right voltage and amperage it's also about body resistance ground location and the path it flows down. For example you cut the tips of each finger and hold them to the right terminals of a battery and the salt in your wet blood combined with just the right path through your heart and a hearing aid or watch battery will kill you.

Source: 2 degrees in Electronics and Robotics systems technology.

Maybe it's the angle or something, but I feel like I'd have a hard time fitting my left asscheek in that, let alone my entire body. Is that a super small tub or am I crazy?


Needs about half the foliage lol

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