Farming in the desert

Farming in the desert

How to fuck up a country forever in just one generation

It's fascinating the impact Saudi irrigation has had on the country, its economy, culture and politics. And a case study of what will happen when the oil also runs out.

Great pics though THAT'S where CDs come from!

I Just don't understand why they would use that precious water to raise crops in an arid desert! Did they not know how much more water they would need to use compared to farming elsewhere? Were there scientists telling the princes that this was a bad idea?


The article is just ended up suddenly or is just me ?! I need to read moreee!

I'm sure it's been mentioned. Thing is, anyone who's still vested in oil extraction as primary national income is clearly not too interested in scientific warnings about their long term prospects.

Look they are growing green DVD's

I don't think land space/use is an issue. There's a lot of available space, especially in a desert. Making every access road all twists and turns would take more time and make it harder on the harvesting and planting equipment.

Straight roads > land usage.

Why circles? It's beautiful but it seems inefficient. This is what the fields in my country look like

Why circles? It's beautiful but it seems inefficient.

That's awesome. Kinda abstract. The perspective is hypnotic.

Sorry this has been debunked multiple times...

Saudi is protected by its God, the Allah itself. They will be the most prosperous country soon.