[Fluff] Konami right now

[Fluff] Konami right now

1 gem ≙ 1 prismatic card, keep this in mind!

Theyve actually been constantly decreasing the amount you get its insane. Day 1 player here and its fucking obvious and theres tons of threads that prove it. Cognitive dissonance is real

i believe it means "is equivalent to".

The game has been giving Konami a good profit pretty much from the very start. They don't have to screw with its fans to earn more.

I wonder how Konami's White knights will defend their god with this atrocity?

because it means "equivalent". That does not always mean "equal".

This is an important concept in coding, let's say you have a Cyber Harpie Lady on the field. Its text says to treat it as "Harpie Lady", but clearly they are different cards. In the code, they would probably be referred by their card code, lets give Cyber Harpie Lady "11" and Harpie Lady "10". They are basically the "equivalent" card on the field, but in code, they are separate.

EDIT: its seems the sign means "equal by definition" , but the concept stands.

what sign is that?

why does it have a triangle on top of the =

Gems are overrated. Get yourself a Beaver Warrior + Horn of the Unicorn and you'll never need anything else in your life. You'll even reach KoG in 30 minutes, I promise.

This is great. Really made my day.