Former Pro Wrestler 'Dynamite Kid' on domestic violence

Former Pro Wrestler 'Dynamite Kid' on domestic violence

He looks like a fuck.

That's Dynamite Kid, it wasn't a joke. This guy broke his niece's kneecaps with a hammer for insurance money.

I don't know if he is telling the same story, but this is the same guy whose ex wife said he would wake her up in the middle of the night with a gun in her mouth and then tell her "one day it will be loaded."

Malnutrition, tobacco, and alcohol gives them that special look. That and like 30% of them are born with FAS.

Violence doesn't have to be physical, this was psychologically violent

It's weird how you can just tell. Like trailer park people too- just by their face.

Location doesn't matter. White trash, hoodrats, chavs, wankers are all the same. You can tell a fuck when you look at a fuck.

No. No it isn't. It's just wrong. It was both psychologically violent and physically abusive.

This is one of those particular situations where you can be both technically right, and completely wrong at the same time.

He's actually English. Heavy steroid and rec drugs user. Paraplegic now.

He is, but the motherfucker could go in the ring.

For those wondering:

British Bulldog and Dynamite Kid

For those wondering:

Yeah. Pretty much any wrestling fan, myself included, will agree that dynamite kid is a huge piece of shit.

And that was one of her relatively G-rated stories.


It was actually a fairly nothing that caused his demise. He jumped over a guy laying on the mat, while running from rope to rope and then crumbled.

This guy has major problems. Bret Hart wrote in his book that he was strung out on drugs and constantly terrorized his own family. Yet he would blame people like Vince McMahon for all his problems. His impact on the wrestling business is quite significant but at the end of the day he really was a massive cunt.

Lol, oh, man, yeah, nothin' like a little DV joke on national television! Just kiddin' around about threats or murder. Funny shit right there.