Get baited meit

HAHA He left afterwards. Serves the guy right for cheating and abusing the system.

Heroes never die!


He leave after that lol what a scrub

Immediately rage quits. nice. I can taste the salt from here.

It starts reinstancing afterwards. I suspect they tried to force a draw through the Mei glitch and then force the other team to have wasted their time by cancelling the match. I had that happen a couple of time when the entire enemy team left the game at once.


I'm on a sacred mission. I must purify the world.

He's exploiting. He used mei's wall to get trapped in the ceiling.

I've had a game cancel when ONE player leaves.

I reported them whenever it happens, not sure if it really is a reportable offense but it's poor sportsmanship at the very least. I trust Blizzard will take appropriate action and I accept their judgement if they decide appropriate action is nothing.

At least it will hopefully bring the underlying issue to Blizzard's attention (that is that sometimes a single leaver on the losing team can cancel a 3v3 game).

That wasn't just casual everyday-fun bagging.


Wish i could but blizzard still have no report function on console (PS4)

Now only hope you also did report the player and he might even get a ban for a while

I read that as /r/ just ice porn and became very intrigued. I am dissapointed

I don't know if I'm lucky or just don't play enough, but I have yet to see someone using the Mei glitch in 3v3, and with all the annoyance it seems to cause, I am grateful.

IIRC they are handing down one week suspensions for those who are doing it

I really enjoy(ed) 3v3. Now, (what feels like) everyone just plays it using the Mei hack and leaves if they reach 0-2. It's so infuriating

Attach this to an email and send it to

Ahh the dreaded reinstancing because someone isnt at 2 K/D

I adore that he rage quit afterwards. Cheating piece of shit probably had a melt down over being outsmarted.

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Thank you, iv'e now sent an email to them. Hopefully this prick gets suspended a week or two.

Now this is one of those times where it's perfectly warranted to teabag. Goddamn cheaters.

What're you doing with that bat..?

Just realized mercy can always revive everyone since bodies don't disappear in 3v3. Neat

They already said they're trying to but that it's hard to nail down or something.

I fail to see the problem with getting T-bagged by Mercy.

people look at K/D on this game?

Ah ok thanks...blizz should probably check that out

A gentleman teabags.

A lady clam slams.

I'd say 1 week is good for 1st offense and perma ban after that.

It was pretty common about 2 weeks ago. You couldn't play a game without a Mei hiding up there the whole round while raining ice shards on your pissed off team.

How's he cheating?

This was so satisfying. Him getting killed after abusing an exploit and him leaving after that too.

I'm the voice of forgiveness that'll eliminate your calamitous forms.

Or add a killzone above the ceiling level in that room.



The Reaper Experience.

Perfectly describes

Mei can use her ice wall to push herself up through the ceiling of the spawn point on Ecopoint Antarctica. She can't be touched until she comes down. People have been using this cheat to force draws if their team is losing. Or just to fuck with people in general. It's been pretty frustrating.

A surprising amount do, but it happens more in 3v3 since the only objective is to kill the enemy.

The Mei glitched herself up into the ceiling where she couldn't be hit by the enemy but could still hit them. It's a known glitch that they're working on fixing, and Blizzard has stated that they'll punish anyone who exploits it.

Except if it does that, mei's will close quarters instakill tanks by icing them into the ceiling.

HA(Ad Infinitum)

This is the first time I've actually felt compelled to cheer for the teabaggers.

Normally I think it's lame and childish. In this case, it's fuckin' justice.

They still need to be in proximity to one another, though

Then Mei can kill you by walling you upwards.

There are no spirits here Batter. This realm need not be purified.

this is really satisfying, I didn't get to finish a single game of mei's snowball attack the entire holiday event because of this exploit. fuck anyone who's used it

This is my favorite strategy. Pretend to be AFK

Or they could, I dunno, fix their product to remove the exploit?

Just remove Mei from the game.

easy way to farm arcade lootboxes maybe?

It's only used when you know your opponent is salty. Anger clouds the mind and causes misplays, it's a strategic advantage ;)

oh wow what a piece of shit. I had no idea about this.

So has that changed in the past couple weeks? I pretty much completely stopped playing 3v3s for this reason.

Lets hope. I wouldn't mind if they started to permban people like that

Oh god, didn't even think of that. Yeah no need to make the ice wall more troll possible then it already is.


From what I remember, this particular glitch is difficult to fix.

It hasn't been fixed. But perhaps not as prevalent. I still haven't played 3v3 since we came back from 0-2 and tied it at 2-2, only to have the other team Mei glitch the fifth round.

Yes, please. Time for friendly fire Meis.


Deserved every last second of that punishment.Should get a suspension along with it.

wew lad

What's more surprising is that you haven't been teabagged recently

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your pain?"

You can glitch in walls as Mei, usually for creating ties in 3v3. Mercy and her team baited Mei out of the glitch and revived them, thus winning the round.

Wow, that's a real dick move. Thanks for the explanation.

OFF reference. My nigga

I think it may be staged guys

No thanks

Mei couldn't control her temper ;)

Why do people bother? It's not like there's much of a reward for winning other than pride, and the glitch removes that

There is a glitch where Mei can use her wall to get trapped in the ceiling. There she can shoot but not get shot.

On the other hand, /sub/interestingassfuck has nothing to do with gas, hopefully.

Bannable exploit Get's fucking owned Leaves the game Gets put on reddit

Brutal. Rekt. Savage.

Holy shit that feels so satisfying.

What's the Mei hack? Sorry. I've been bingeing Blazblue since Christmas so I'm a little out of the loop.

Blizz has had an escalation system in place. Exploit once, eh you're just fucking around and being cheeky, get a week ban. Exploit three or four times, now you're actively searching for ways to abuse the system, 30 day ban. Do it again? Go find another game to ruin, permaban bitches!

Didn't they Permban people for glitching in walls?

I'm guessing those people didn't see this...

Clam dunks?

Because many people just play the mode for the free loot boxes and you're unable to earn them with the mei glitch or leavers.

Thats when i teabag, for justice.

To a lesser extent, /sub/askreddit sounds like /sub/asscredit

If they add a killzone in the ceiling doesn't that just risk people instantly dying from being pushed into the ceiling? (Mei wall, hog ult, pharah boost, etc)

Look... He has your eyes...

The best solutions are often the simplest.

Which basically makes him unkillable until he jumps down.


Probably not a good thing was the first thing to come to my mind.

get fukt son

What would make you say that?!

You guys have a good point. I rescind my idea

Just a week ban for Mei wall glitch.

This. Mei's wall is a physical object and to fix this bug would be reworking how her wall works in general

The ice wall pushes Mei into the ceiling where she can shoot out, but she's safe behind the building walls. Usually forces either a win or draw for the exploiter, but in this case the Mei thought the win was secured against the Mercy so she came out of her hiding spot, only to be rekt.

Reaper ult actually doing any damage makes it pretty clear it's fake.

Ah yes, Mei's New Year's Resolution...

You need a better mission, pretty sure there's not enough value in silencing the world and drawing a card for 2 mana.

Crouch icon in bottom left shows Mercy is the clam slammer. Roadhog just standing there letting it all sink in.

They are playing elimination 3v3 and the person playing mei is glitching into the ceiling. This allows her to shoot others while not getting shot herself. The other team allows mei to kill two of them which brings mei out of hiding. Mercy then revives the dead team mates and justice ensues.

I wish I could give you 2 upvotes, one for the pun and another for destroying this fool.

We're on a mission from gad.