Got bored and drew Aquaria...

Got bored and drew Aquaria...

Imagine being so talented that your “bored” artwork is comic book perfection. LOVE THIS.

Since OP still wont give credit where credit is due...

The original art that OP traced this from was made by Kenneth Rocafort! Check out his works and follow his twitter: @Mitografia

No T no Shade but ya’ll know how hard it is to make it in the Art industry 🤙🤙🤙

I hate you

sometimes i get bored and eat cheez its

its a shoot

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So gorgeous mawma. Top toot!

Yooooo this is messed up. Shame on you OP

This has me wishing Aquaria had padded for this look. It looked good, but I'd have loved a softer body to juxtapose the athletic outfit- and I think adjusting body between this look and the third would have elevated the set.

Haha! I just got the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro and haven’t really drawn anything in about 15 years so was just having a play around. But thanks! :)


Clocked the trace

Would be happy to be proven otherwise tho ❤️❤️

The rule is traced studies shouldn’t be posted. And if posted, you include a link to the source artist stating that it was a study.

Don’t just post a traced drawing and be like “aww i was bored and whipped this thing out of my ass, no biggie. I’m naturally this talented.” Honey noooo


The people who made the art for a living should be given rightful credit 🤙🤙

Don’t downplay your talent, girl. This is really good!!

Also if anyone wants to read it, it’s Redhood and the outlaws I believe, the arts reallllyyyy good until about issue 14 maybe 15 and then no more Kenneth cause he left to work on Superman.

It's not really a dig at Aquaria- I also think it's why Cracker's Alaskan Winter look was the weakest of all her three looks. I don't think queens should have to pad every look but some looks just don't proportion right without some softening of the frame.

what, so is this the artist version of "just something i put on to go to the grocery store" ??? bye

Her intentions to trace this weren’t to study babe, it was for the likes and praises. If she really was just “practicing” she wouldn’t post this in the first place.

I already said in a comment above I used this drawing.

I think people are a little miffed because even though you did confirm you used the Starfire drawing, it wasn't until someone else pointed it out.

It's a nice piece! And I imagine you had no bad intentions. It's just that the way you presented it can come across as misleading. It's not a huge deal in this context but I hope you can understand why it has shades of a wider spread issue in which people don't credit artists or pass someone else's work off as their own.

Be careful. Aquaria's wrath will come swiftly and when you least expect it.

She'll save the day, protect the children and steal your man.

SHOOT! Also , is the pose from new 52 Starfire?

LOL starfire looked reeeally rough after Kenneth 😂

damn i just become a crying alcoholic when im bored but look at you marry me

This sub is giving us so much amazing artwork this season!

This is gorgeous, OP. You're amazing. Keep it up!