Got my wall canvas. <3

Got my wall canvas. <3

How much did this cost? Also, how do I go about ordering one? :D

15 dollars for the canvas, right? I'm imagining rite aid stocked up on pre-made /sub/place photos lol

They were on sale for 15 dollars at rite aid, which im a manager. Just go to walmart or somewhere with a photo center and take a copy of the pic with you. I had it saved on my phone. :)

You have to pick a picture before you can get the canvas, but if yall want ill order 20 more. 15 bucks, come on down to West Virginia boys n girls!

Its folded around the bottom. Edit: and the top. Edit2: and the sides.

It cut off the bottom.

I cant live with this

On the playground is where i spent most of my days

Why is it sideways?

West Virginia... born and raised!

TIL it's the pic's fault, not the uploader's.

Yeah it's the shitty cleaned version

why are you sideways

Is this a different picture than the final outcome. I notice it looks more clean and the void isn't destroying Waldo

Chilling out, maxin', relaxin' all cool

Shootin some b-ball outside of the school.

Yeah I really wanted the connection lost runescape sticker at the top but its not visible:(

When a couple of guys, who were up to no good.

Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood

You're just the worst kind of person.

Hey! I just had 2 crackheads in my store say the same thing..


Why did you leave out the void tho

Not the actual place.

Why would you need a high res... its 1000x1000. Making it any bigger will only make the pixels larger.


Where's the far left side?

Charleston baby!

There are multiple "cleaned" versions. I think I found the most popular ones:

The one by /u/SCtester was the first most popular one: First edition: Revised edition:

That version got upscaled here:

And lastly /sub/thefinalclean was established for this specific goal:

It is 11× 14. I would love to print you one mate. Someone gave me gold for this post so ot is now my duty to serve you all. If you want a canvas, message me. That goes for everyone. Ill ship them all out 10 days after i make the order.

Couldn't you add a border around the source picture so that's the part that gets folded?

I've uploaded 12K resolution (12,000x12,000 pixel) versions of the last 12th April /sub/thefinalclean cleaned canvas (both with and without the void), at the bottom of this post (see Edit3).

Revisionist history in action

And the top left. He is missing the best part, sadly.

Its still cool though!