Guess its back to linkedin

Guess its back to linkedin

This is bad. All the Tumblr people will flood reddit now.

I believe Pornhub is currently welcoming them with open arms right now

They might go to Pinterest, I heard some were planning on falling back on Twitter! He in this stronghold we will outlast their kind

Sure you didn’t mean “open legs” instead?

Due to spam bots and child pornography running rampant on Tumblr, Apple responded by removing the Tumblr app from the store. In turn Tumblr, who do not want their app to be removed, is banning all porn (excluding "artistic expressions" not focusing on sexual themes). Porn is one of the major reasons for Tumblr user count and by alienating that aspect of their community, a lot of people are under the impression this will kill Tumblr.

Whether it does or not will be defined after December 17th (I think)

Yah they all moving over to twitter

I mean we are putting up with /sub/the_donald. Nothing can top that.

We need a Reddit wall

Really? Some people say tumblr users are considering new grounds