Guy claims to be a 94 year old WWII veteran

Guy claims to be a 94 year old WWII veteran

When will these people learn that we all have a post history.

Was at normandy when my platoon was ordered to skedaddle through the enemy lines. Boy where we in the ketchup, they really sold us the dog on that one i tell ya.

But soon wiped the gigglemugs of the krauts and gave them a bag full of tick to the 12 o'clock rain napper.

Soon arrived in ol paris to capture the phoenix nest and a leanaway.

Proof - took this after arriving on Normandy

“You young ones listen to.” Lmao. FAIL!

Well most of them have. Just some fail to realise it. Only people that haven't get caught

Wow, small world, eh? I was actually on the boat next to you! I was looking over at you guys when my friend took this picture, never thought I'd actually get to use it!

I was in the boat next to you when my buddy got shot in the head and we all had to jump in water and reach the shore! Luckily, Life magazine was there and took an awesome and rare color photo!

This is a reupload as I forgot to censor the names last time, sorry!

My cousin actually made it to the top of the ridge and took out a guardpost, and a tank. I'm so proud of him to this day, even thirty years after he passed on. He left me this photograph in his will.

You need to censor your own name too.