Guys real fish!

Guys real fish!

wrong. Dittos

Animals have been seen in the anime. They were more common in the original series as there weren't as many Pokémon species introduced at the time. A picture book based on the Pokémon anime once featured a dog walking past Ash and his friends, and a piece of concept art of the residents of Pallet Town featured a cat. Birds can also occasionally be heard in the background. Foods that contain meat products, such as hamburgers and chicken are often seen.

I was hoping for a fish pun with the word "reel" used instead.

In the anime, James tried to eat a Magikarp but found out it was mostly scales and no meat.

Torchic nuggets?


Do you realize that Dittos can only transform into things they've seen?

Fish? What are fish? Oh you mean magikarp? Yeah sure, they taste good.

Maybe real animals in the pokemon world are like what pokemon are in the real world. Fictional. Therefore it's highly possible that there was a picture in some book and the ditto could have used that to transform into the fish you see here.

Boom! That was the sound of your mind blowing.

I reely can't believe OP didn't...

Deviled Togepi.

Mmmmmmm, grumpig bacon


Wouldn't put it past them. #742 - Fosh, #743 - Fosho, #744 - Foshing.


What the hell are they talking about? Pokemon fish ARE real fish

My theory on food in the pokemon world:

Disregarding the early episodes where they were still figuring things out, since the Pokemon world is so advanced to the point where they have balls that can capture magical beasts, I feel the food is all genetically modified.

You don't say?