He keeps his side tidy... but at what cost??😩😩

He keeps his side tidy... but at what cost??😩😩

Maybe the parents shoukd have gotten him toys then? not the kids choice

I have a nephew who's 5. He regularly plays Wii U and Switch. He also writes stories, plays outside for hours at a time, and draws.

We have technology and kids like it, but I don't think it's the only thing they like.

I mean...judging by the used paint the kid is just taking a break.

Honestly though, the picture is kind of a cool way to paint the stark contrast of how children are growing up now from before the 2000s

Yeah, so true. It is not like kids in the past ever sat down in front of a screen device and watched it for hours on end. This is totally a new generation problem... /s

My nephew is eight, he likes to be on his IPad, on the Xbox, and watches TV. But, he also likes his lego, to play with his toys, and go outside. If all you're going to expose your child to is technology, that is how they're going to grow up.

Yeah but you know if the kid was playing with some of those girls toys the caption would stay the same.


I was born in 96. I also played outside (with other kids around my age range) and with toys. Yes, I had video games and TV.