He somehow manages to get better every time.

9th Dan Black Belt Butt-cheek-tablecloth-remover, Buracku Pantsu-san!

Take that, Shin Lim.

The way he stares as if to say, “don’t you fucking dare fall over”

Weird flex, but ok.

How has no one put a ring on it. Damn.

I thought he was staring at the camera like, “look at me...”

Is no one else concerned about the glory hole in the background?

“Witness me!!”

And here i am wondering if i am wasting my life on reddit.....

The answer is yes. I need some wine and Jenga.

That look at the end, “yeah, you all saw that.”

I was praying for a few nipple pinches.

...you mean the door grip?

Runs hand through hair.

Weird butt flex, okay.

That's definitely more impressive than it has any right to be.

You just have to wonder at the thought process of this feat. ponders I wonder if I could balance a glass of wine on top of Jenga puzzle, on a rickety table and cloth, and shove it up my ass, yet leave it standing....

The guy's got a whole series. Blow your socks off: https://www.youtube.com/user/Uespi1/videos

Lol. I want to, I love this so much I can't stop laughing.

For any women interested, this is absolutely what men do by themselves when left to their own devices.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." --Lao Tzu

I was just wondering about that myself, so yes. It seems to be very strategically placed.

“What the fuck you lookin at homie?”

Underrated comment lmao

Username checks out

You had a chance and you wasted it You could've said "Weird flex, butt okay" Tch tch tch

Also, when we're lying in bed silently or havent said a word for the last hour on our road trip? This. We are thinking up shit like this. And we arent telling you because when we told you about an idea for a squirrel launcher, you gave us that look...yes, thats the one, like you caught us peeing in the sink. (It was one time jebus let it go.)

That flip of the cloth at the end though 🤣🤣


"What now bitch?"

Kinda sad that his channel gets no love but the reposts get millions of views

I love that stare. How he manages to look regal after shoving a tablecloth up his ass crack I can’t tell you, but he does it.

I'm Jackie Knoxville and this is the "TightAss"!

Lol that's the door slot to a Japanese style sliding door.

“Forever shiny & chrome!!!!”

Sounds like a new technique from Ameridote

What’s the dude name again?



he’s been to Britain’s Got Talent

Dudes eyebrows are what get me.


here you go...

I was praying the last flick of the sash didn't whip the glass. But yeah, pinches woulda been good too?

I like that you have to specify that you want to receive girl nudes specifically. This ain’t your first reddit rodeo I suspect 😆

Internet is one of mankind’s greatest achievements and we use it for this. Man, I love reddit

He almost laughed himself. Look at his face at the end. He nearly breaks. He must have been clenching his butt cheeks with tremendous force to be able to keep a straight face.

Butt Crack Bae?

that cracked me up