Her daughter’s quite the thinker.

Her daughter’s quite the thinker.

maybe her daughter saw it on reddit and passed it off to her parent as if it was her own original idea

13 year olds can usually read and often have internet access, so it wouldn't be unheard of

I used to do this shit all the time with jokes from different sources.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. It's not like no one is on /sub/showerthoughts when they're 13

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*** used to **** lol

Still do, but I used to, too.

A 13 year old reading something funny on the Internet and repeating it as their own to their parent doesn't even slightly register on my bullshit meter

Yep, that was totally a once in a lifetime thought that absolutely no one could ever think of on their own.

and /sub/showerthoughts just as well be /sub/im14andthisisdeep

Hi I’m new to this sub I just wanted to ask is there a way to turn off the auto mod thing it’s kinda distracting

The “I’m delusional and think that every cool thing originates from reddit” Starterpack.

This thread belongs in /sub/nothingeverhappens

So because someone else had the idea it now makes it impossible to fathom anyone else ever thinking of it on their own? Interesting. Also nobody proved that she directly stole the idea from the post quoted. Just speculation at best.


this guy mitches

I'm new to Reddit on mobile and I'd like to turn off the fucking loud video autoplay.

I haven't slept for 2 weeks, because that would be too long

Seriously. I unsubbed recently because everything became really "if you look at it, (element of daily life) is just like (obvious irrelevant comparison that is also usually negative)

People have thoughts that other people have thought before.


Or more likely, thought of it herself. Shit tons of people think up the same ideas all the time. The fact that it says "old thread" makes it unlikely to have been seen on it. If it was like Yesterdays thread then very likely the case.

You could give him the benefit of the doubt on this one as he may not have known about that post

Also, you can imagine if those two songs appeared near each other, there mind would connect the two. Kids can think

The song is just called Bodies, not Let The Bodies Hit The Floor. It reminds me of those people who genuinely think that Creep is called Half The Man I Used To Be, and is by Nirvana.

Other person is implying, 1) 13 year olds don't use the internet, and 2) that literally no one else has had that thought of this for nearly 2 decades

You can actually turn off the video autoplay

I remember seeing a sarcastic comment on the internet 7 years ago, way to steal from it dude

Yeah and Teenage Wasteland is really called Baba O'Reilly. It's nothing to get worked up about when people get them wrong.

You see I’m of three minds here, either: A. She did come up with that on her own (it’s not that much of a leap to connect the two) B. The person who posted that was lying and trying to just get retweets/likes C. As others have pointed out, the daughter just saw it online and passed it along to them without telling them the source.

So in the end I give them a pass because I feel either A or C could very well be true.

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here you go

I steal shower thoughts all the time as conversation starters... if that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

They're like pancakes with little syrup traps

I used to lie in my twin size bed, wondering where my brother was

I see what you mean but some of those are kinda funny like farts being food... ghosts... Nevermind after typing it out I realized how dumb it was.

I'm pretty good at tennis, but I'll never be as good as the wall, the wall is relentless.

when their 13th birthday is their most recent one.

Reposters are getting younger and younger these days

“Wow what’s a 13 year old doing on reddit”

Yeah. This is a pretty bad one. 13 year old daughter sees the post and think's its clever. Tells mom later in the day and she thought the same then posted it on Twitter. Then the guy who's fun at parties has the snarky reply

Yea everyone knows the order is 4chan-reddit-twitter-tumblr-instagram-facebook, with youtube sprinkled in there randomly

That makes sence. She found the post and said it to her dad. Dad posted her thought. 13 year olds have access to the internet usually.

Example: me

Their 13 what?

You know I had gotten to the point where it didn't even register anymore, and now it's all I can see. 😐

Do it, screenshot it, and post it on /sub/nothingeverhappens

I wanna know too, I’m always clicking the link on mobile.

i found the tweet but i dont know if i want to tell the dude thats what i think happened

I might have to call the thought police for that thought


But really, it’s pretty weird how little self awareness reddit has in terms of how it’s viewed on other platforms.

*shower thots

The most you can do is hold down on the message and it will minimise it but that is all you can do

Settings>general>comments>automatically collapse auto moderator

Who ever invented gifs with sound should be forced to open every comment on reddit in Russian roulette fashion and be potentially subjected to sudden eardrum shattering music. I still remember that floating dog gif that had “My Heart Will Go On” playing on max.

Or mentioned it, and the father passed in the information.

Can you give me an example?

Use Apollo app and you can auto-close them