Hi guys, I’m Nick Furry the Border Collie ^^

Hi guys, I’m Nick Furry the Border Collie ^^

The truth is, “Looks cute, bites hands” 😌

Hi Nick Fury!

Very true! Best cuddles in my opinion :)

Beautiful pup! Enjoy the life of endless fetch! Just when you think you’ve exhausted all energy, he’ll wake up and want to keep playing lol. We have to put our Border Collies ball up after a few hours just so she will rest and drink water.

Also, soft bones and rubber toys will help the teething process. Ours used to bite our hands until we got her toys for teething.

Even the hassle is all part of the package 😌. Paw for life!

Fury has one eye that’s why this guy is Furry lol

Haha thanks and also thanks for the tips. My partner and I are so amazed at how good he is at fetching in Week 8 when he could barely fit the tennis ball in his mouth. We also filled his house with all sorts of toys so boss can choose to chew whatever he likes. BCs are just so fun to be around with, they surely keep their owners fit lol!

So adorable I love puppies I have one of my own. They're a hassle sometimes but oh well!

Still, he needs an eyepatch.

Thanks! The breed is actually beyond cute. They are so intelligent, engaging, highly interactive with owners, eager to work and please, great for cuddles, awesome at fetching, farmers best friends, and maybe lazy sheep’s nemesis lol

He has the wrong number of eyes