Hi I'm iijeriichoii and I get offended when people invade personal space at a party full of hundreds of people. The best solution is to cry on twitter to kick out all the IRL Streamers

Hi I'm iijeriichoii and I get offended when people invade personal space at a party full of hundreds of people. The best solution is to cry on twitter to kick out all the IRL Streamers

I scam on csgo but irl streming is the real problem

Not only Jericho you have his friends defending him on twitter also. Goldglove made this tweet in response to Reckful: https://twitter.com/GoldGloveTV/status/921248400040976384 Literally his dumbest tweet ever....

Gaming streamers create their own content by.... playing video games created by others?

Also it's completely hypocritical coming from goldglove who only is relevant because of him playing with seananners like 4-5 years ago. He leeched his following from other youtubers / streamers but Reckful is the one who relies on others for content? hahaha

He also went on an SJW rant when Trump was elected LUL

"muh safe space" FUCKING FAGGOT

He's just trying to take up for his bitch friend, but he's just another piece of shit. They both have punchable faces.

its not like reckful was the best in wow.. playing tournaments.. pro hearthstone player .. almost won blizcon 11+4 :( goldfuck WHATCHU MEAN HOMIE. he obviously has no idea what hes talking about. i hope someone goes at Ice tho. thats gonna be bad.


🔥🔥 https://twitter.com/ByronBernstein/status/921247502900248576 🔥🔥 reckful is a savage

thank you for exposing this info...We are watching :) good luck

Jericho has already gone at Ice in the past. When Ice got banned from twitch Jericho tweeted saying it was great for twitch and that Ice would never get any viewers moving to youtube. https://mobile.twitter.com/IIJERiiCHOII/status/859084707413213184

Dude looks like a middle school hall monitor snitching on any student trying to run to class.

Hilarious considering he EVEN SAID IT WAS ONLY 3 IRL STREAMERS who invaded his space. 3 out of EVERY IRL STREAMER there. He got every single one banned because of his spurg rage.

he got triggered when sitting andy showed his ex-gf on stream LuL

Typical faggot liberal smh

Instead of politely asking someone to not film me, I am going to be a total faggot and bitch, whine and moan on twitter and make it all about MEEEE.

Ice gets more live viewers on Youtube whilst sleeping than Jericho has ever had on twitch...

reckful raped this faggot easy

lul ice gets way more views then jericho while on youtube. this weekend should be great content then. if the terashit holds up or the batteries or actually charged

He's lying or I think he is. I can't find him in a single VOD.

RIP jericho.. hes mad his ex girl went up to andy with her jebaited bf. goldy and his bf jeribitch are just elitest sjw cocksuckers. their fucked lul

This, that and fucking playing Modern Warfare 2 back in the day, most normie shit ever.

Greek responds: https://twitter.com/Greekgodx/status/921300937439768576 LUL

you're right, but people in this subreddit will still support him because it's the edgy thing to do.

Can’t stand him

He has been a terrible President

It was probably 3 IRRELEVANT Periscope streamers or some bullshit like that.

Goldglove is literally the shittiest twitch streamer out there. Isn't good at ANY videogame, isn't funny, doesn't have tits, and his chat is boring as fuck and full of nazi mods

its so sad that crying on twitter actually does things nowdays. cucks in power.


I'm aware. Was already a viewer at the time, but when he tried last year, there also wasn't even an IRL category yet. They were allowing it this year until a little bitch whined about 3 streamers, which ruined it for the bigger IRL streamers. Guess because of three irrelevant fucks they could literally just tell to go away like nothing happened there shouldn't be IRL streamers. Same logic as the argument that guns should be banned because the minority of those who own them who use them for illegal activity. Andy Milonakis was streaming the entire time at the party and it wasn't a big deal until Jericho made it into one, he was on the front page ffs.

heheh S C A M M E R btw dead streamer btw SNITCHES GET STITCHES

You know what happens iijeriichoii when you put to shame the name of the greatest wrestler of all time? You know what happens when you scam on CSGO but think IRL streaming is the real problem? iijeriichoii...





He's always been a asshole.

I never even knew who the hell jericho was until tonight after Twitch made Andy Milonakis shut off his stream when he had 12k viewers.