HMB while I kickflip off my minivan

This went so much better than I expected. I'm genuinely impressed with that backwards jump at the end.

I kept waiting for the face plant. It was like a Christmas miracle when nothing bad happened.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Slap me sideways, or is he rocking a grip-tape-matching t-shirt

I really want to see this one in reverse.

Gotta tip my hat to that guy. Maybe a poor decision but incredible execution

I was waiting for the camera to turn just as the van hit something

I genuinely thought he’d forgotten about the minivan.

Terrible idea, perfectly executed.

Except for maybe the superhuman jump onto the vehicle.

I think he may be sponsored by Arizona iced tea

Curiously, reverse seems to have about the same degree of difficulty.

That was probably one of the best reverse gifs I've seen in a while.

This is on the verge of /sub/holdmyredbull

I mean this is just straight up fucking impressive

i kinda think the jump was the best part

It’s better with sound

Like many professional skaters he probably had his feet surgically replaced with pogo sticks to get more air.

He was unexpectedly smooth too

Ghost ride the fuckin whip

That re-entry is amazing

Yeah, getting back into the car looked surprisingly natural.

"now to get back to that whip, though." Aw that's great. Much better with sound!

Yep. Totally the arizona iced tea design

Actually, based on his Instagram account, he is sponsored by Arizona Ice Tea.

What about when his left arm turned into a octopus tentacle?

I completely forgot that is the drivers side for you guys until I saw your comment.

I always thought HMB was for people tanking it, and HMRB people nailing it. So yes. HMRB for sure.

I'm always disappointed when they successful do the dumb shit they are doing in this sub, but that re-entry was pretty sweet.

You just have to hold down A first to get that height.

some videos

I dunno that's the best part about

Yes and no? He's not paid to do this particular stunt but he is sponsored by arizona ice tea (so he's paid for every stunt he does). You can find the link to his instagram further up from u/CheekyChipsMate

Great reentry!

That might have been the most impressive part of the whole thing.

Its a paid stunt by Arizona Ice Tea, so not far off.

That was one of the best moves I ever seen

Not sponsored, but yes he does say Arizona in the source video with sound. Sauce

Edit: Apparently sponsored to some degree?

I stand corrected. Never seen an Arizona sponsor before. I’ve also seen a bunch of Arizona apparel for sale online.

*wrings out panties

I choose to believe this is the normal version of the video.

Arizona Iced Tea

::Looks at board:: ::Looks at shirt::

That's some dedication right there.

Ok, that was pimp.

Fecking fuck that’s the raddest thing I’ve ever seen involving a mini van.


This does not belong here. He actually succeeded. More like /sub/holdmyredbull

It was a hardflip.

Not the laughing camera man ones.

Every single video is better with sound.

I missed the first second of the gif, and didn’t realize there was no one driving the car. The backwards jump in REALLY surprised me.

Kick Flip The Whip, Kick Flip The Whip


It’s the sheer effortlessness that just proves that he does cool shit like this all the time. Everything is perfect, the way he gets out the van and on it, the kickflip, flipping the board up and catching it after, then the graceful backwards jump back into the moving vehicle; this dude’s a seasoned vet at chill ass shit

I bet he's thirsty as hell after that. Guaranteed he hit the store and got a big can of Arizona Iced Tea for only 99 cents.

and his scrotum replaced with a bean bag

Watch this music video where he ghost rides his van & then forgets about it

Nah HMB can still have success stories, it's more so that the action needs to be beer induced, the kind of thing where you go, "hey man hold my beer while I do this crazy/stupid shit..."

It's pathetic how much wasted space there is on the instagram website. How hard is it to at least autoscale the content based on resolution?

. How hard is it to at least autoscale the content based on resolution?

... to the ass back-in-van through window, slam. Damn.

Ghost kick flip the whip

We need a little more HMBs that en up well. Only a little


Fuck yeah. Arizona Tea is the shit. Water costs more than a can of that sweet goodness.

on hi ig profile he list Az, so he is probably sponsored by them or at least flow (free product, no money)

This true?

More likely that he just bought those things online. I don’t think Arizona is in the business of sponsoring ghost riding skateboarders doing kick flips off minivans.

What the hell did I just watch

Nah thought so too first but, that kickflip was just super shifty.

Watch it in Slowmo, its pretty clear then.

I was more impressed with the backwards jump into the window than I was with the kickflip off the roof.

Lmao /sub/whataretheodds

A merry Christmas indeed

not all social media is about sharing stuff with your friends and family, a lot of people run their accounts like businesses. more followers = more customers/ viewers/ whatever else

I'll always upvote this video. No matter the context.


The main problem is that the content is low-res. The images, videos you see on the page? That is their 100% resolution at source. That is the 100% resolution because it is meant for mobile consumption and the desktop version is an afterthought. So scaling the content would be problematic because images etc. would be a blurry mess.

Given those constraints, how would you handle it?



Those Duke boys must be envious.

Smooth as fuck.

No no, you have to unlock the super jump from the loot crates. 99 cents a crate bitch...good luck.

Merry Christmas

More cat pics

Next level ghost riding here

Wham slam thank you van

14 hashtags. Fucks sake.

Dude, that's the LINGUINI IN MY LAMBROGHINI guy!

Too smooth... Is he even human?!

so really it should be, HMAIT while i kickflip off my minivan

holy hell


Very happy to see this was not /sub/watchpeopledie... that backwards jump at the end was smooth as fuck.