Hope this is true

Hope this is true
Hope this is true

It's words next to a picture on the internet. It's gotta be true

So... magically you became a store owner within 5 days of meeting someone? I know it’s Keanu, but you can’t say this without explaining how or what happened... did he buy you a store? Did you get promoted by the former owner and are just using the meeting of him as a “cooler” story? Are you trying to say that he can make all dreams come true? He’s cool, but he’s not God...

Obviously, Keanu is just magic. Keanu said it, and so it was.

He’s cool, but he’s not God...


Yeah the only reference on google for "randolph gregory keanu reeves" is this same image posted elsewhere 19hrs ago, I call bullshit

That is NAEM UZIMANN. He appears in the first John Wick, this photo is from 2014 http://www.movpins.com/dHQyOTExNjY2/john-wick-(2014)/still-775159296

His IMBD. He is credited as store cashier. https://m.imdb.com/name/nm2830634/filmotype/actor?ref_=m_nmfm_1


to the pitchforks!

What restaurant did he work at?