How do you even hold it?

How do you even hold it?

I think you have the head towards your palm.

For sure; looking at any brass knuckle(s?) with "curved" finger holes has the "hitting" end on the outside of the curve.

I also imagine that the tops of the wings, the parts that would actually be pressing against your palm, are flat, not bladed.

Totally mallninjashit, but if I'm correct about the above assumption, then this is hardly as moronic as the Shark Knife.

Who cares? It's free lol.

Just pay $29.99 shipping!

I see a dope belt buckle.

That's letgo, it focuses on local selling. Theres no shipping since you meet up to make the sale.

I think you're supposed to hold it the other way, so people can see that it's Batman

To be fair even if they were downloaded on the Xbox you can’t play them anyways unless you own the account it was bought on. Not even sure if you can see the games to begin with if you don’t got the account. I blame you for that one. Shit like let go or craigslist or any of those kinda things require your own smarts too to know if you gettin swindled or not.

Tbh this app is either terrific or complete garbage depending on your luck. One time I traded an old computer for a Ps4 Slim with a ton of games, another time I got ripped off for a $350 purchase of an Xbox One S for my younger brother. Was supposed to have a bunch of games downloaded on the system, didn't have a single one, and he also didn't even give me a controller for it, complete scumbag. When I brought it to Letgo CS they didn't do shit about it.

"Where should we meet up... so I can test these out on you"

Very carefully

How, I don't think fingers work that way.