How to disappoint your parents

How to disappoint your parents

Is that fuckin Finn’s hat from adventure time

"How to ensure your permanent virginity"

Pretty sure the one in the middle ate Eren Yeager’s mother,

"How to protect yourself from STDs"

It is. I'm saddened by this.

So close to being /sub/notdisneyvacation

Remember Finn from Adventure Time? This is him now, feel old yet?

So does Eren become a pony?

here's another guide on being a virgin

Yeah it ended and I also feel bad for fern tho, his kinda like the roxas version of adventure time for me.


fucking hell, i am not even their parent and i am dissapointed

good wiki

0/10 no pictures

Ranicorn leaves Jake for peppermint butler

So do people become bronies or are they always, at the core of their beings, bronies? Does one wake up one day and say “Damn, I should become a bronie”, or is it more that they say that when they see Sprinkle’s sensual thighs?

Like I need a guide to disappointing my parents.

It's a TV show lol. You don't just wake up one day and say "damn I like Breaking Bad." You like it when you see it and go from there.

Undertale is my favorite anime

I haven't watched the end yet, so go easy on the spoilerish remarks pls

Adventure Time ended a few weeks ago and the show came out in 2010. I still remember drawing shitty fan art in MSPaint on my Windows ME computer. I DO feel old.

They made the wrong move bringing adventure time into this.


Actually I think that's blonde Orochimaru

you had windows ME in 2010?

Where can I purchase an MLP body pillow?

How can you feel old if you were 9 in 2010? That makes you 17

Wearing merch such as pins and shirts will also make it easier for other Bronies to find and connect with you, and vice versa

This is also how to get beat up

Neptor leaves BMO for Starchy

one of the most critically acclaimed animated shows on television

Yeah, such a shame.

You can get them on ebay

I watched most of the first two seasons, but then the show started to get bit samey.. Parts of it were certainly entertaining even for adult male, but kinda lost interest after a while. But for a while I considered myself as a brony and it just came from honestly watching the show for a while.

It's well made cartoon, but doesn't really have any real hooks besides good animation quality and few well made characters.

I can see the appeal behind becoming a fan of the show certainly, but kinda wish that the story was bit deeper, but since the show is mainly aimed for kids they can't make the story too deep and detailed just so it's easier for kids to follow.

Desktop Link:

Honestly the same

Do they come in easy-clean vinyl?

How do we get that page taken down?

Hey thanks

Correction: in most cases that's how you get avoided by bronies because they don't want to be associated.

Because Fluttershy is beautiful

Welcome to Reddit sir

Yeah! Who says fans of a cartoon are allowed to like a different cartoon?

Where does it end? Are they going to continue to branch out and watch THREE shows?!

Nah, just the truth...

"Heh. I'm fisting Pinkie Pie." "Dude! Not cool!"

I wanted a computer at 9 years old but my parents couldn't afford a new one so I found one in an alley. I spent my time messing with the themes, games, and MSPaint on it.

Howard the Duck? You’re one of the better downvote trolls I’ve seen.

Hah, I may be a furry, but at least I’m not a brony! cries

Finn has hit some hard times since his show's cancellation.


You mean protect your virginity from THOTS

“Stop switching bodies you asshole!”

Is this Nirvana

I knew what to expect and yet I still emitted an, "Oh, my goodness." It's the look in her eye that does it.

I prefer Equesticles.

I don’t know why you’re being downvoted, that’s basically what we do

lol ok, closet furry

It started with a quiet night of Netflix and pizza. Next thing you knew, you knew, you were hanging out with skinheads, discussing your favorite meth recipes.

And so are you.

I can't unsee this now.

I'd say it fits the bill

That guy has disproportionally small hands too.

Mine’s 80’s Plane Instruction Videos

I haven't seen a single episode of that show, and everything you guys said looks like straight gibberish to me