How to win any game

How to win any game

That final look: So? Who won?

After rolling the ball he gets a pat on the head as a move

Friend dogs win by default.

It's a one sided die!

Now throw ball?

No it’s : “your move hooman”

The good boy roll

My dog does this but she drops the ball in the food bowl and struggles to grab it, so she ends up dropping dog food all over the place.

He thinks he's people!

My doggo used to do this to whatever you were working on. We would often find balls under the hood of cars. I miss that pupper.

No, earth is more like a plate or Frisbee... Not sure you understand earth

"Let me play too"

"I'm a dog, Mike. I can't read. What did I roll?"

No take only throw.

It's Earth

Those eyebrow movements. “That’s how you do it, did ya see? Did ya?”

Soooo frigin cute!!! That tail wag and that waiting face

Um excuse me? He is

Earth is actually dinosaur shaped.

Close, it’s actually dino chicken nugget shaped

I'm sorry for your loss

I love his look like, “how’d I do? That what we do, right?”

🎲 🎲 🎲 🎾 🎲 🎲






Where I am from those are just chicken nuggets and all others are the circle or boot shaped kind.


It's supposed to be 4d6 drop the lowest, but I like my campaigns a little stronger, so I do 5d6 drop the lowest two.

Foul ball!