I am burdened with glorious people

I am burdened with glorious people

She is burdened with glorious boobs.

The thighs are the real heroes here.

My penis cares not for any of these things.

And a hell of a push up bra.

I'd wear them like headphones.

EDIT: For all you slow mufukas that don't get it; I'm talking about cunnilingus.

And makeup contouring to make them look bigger

Puny god, not so puny goodies. Hulk 10/10 would smash.


Still better than Beats.

Ahhh yes.

That gif.

Does she count as a /sub/bigtiddygothgf ?

/sub/cosplayboobs apparently.

That would just look silly.

What is this sub?

She sure is: More from this cosplay

IG is @dominique_skye

Let's check in with our resident expert - /u/SovietWomble ?

β€œ my penis cares not...” is my new catchphrase. Thank you kind stranger, from the bottom of my scrotum.

Yep, OP fucked up the quote

This sub is fucking trash lmao

Dunno. Do you feel a sense of crushing disappointment?

In which case, stop slacking on reddit mum.

I remember my first reddit post.

I’d say the biggest burden goes to that corset.

Damn that GIF for ruining the phrase "Hulk smash" for me.


Yes. People use contouring makeup on their boobs to make them look bigger

Death by snoo snoo

Dem thighs would snap a man's skull clean off'n his neck.


I don't understand why some women want thigh gaps.

This is way hotter in my opinion.

fuck you womble

and way better than beating off

She has HUUUGGGEEEE tracks of land

When I see photos like this It makes me realize that I live my life stuck under a rock. But then I remember how much I like my rock how safe it keeps me and how much I love my wife and family and I don't truly mind being under my rock. LOL πŸ˜‰


The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

β€œIs not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.”


Stephen F Austin Hotel on 7th. Driskill is across the street there, bar entrance on right.



Stupid sexy Loki.


How am I not surprised to see u here on a thread about a big titty goth girl

If Loki cost $400/hr

Driskill - Austin?

Boob makeup exists?

I can’t stand goth chi... oh! thank you... so much enlightenment and new perspective.

We call that area the underballs

Outside the Stephen F. Austin hotel in Austin Tx???

The Soviet Womble? Is this what running into a celebrity feels like?

"Not to men like you"

"There are no men like me"

"There are always men like you"

Damn it Soviet. We need the real one!


I believed the correct terminology is β€œhoobidy boobidies”.

That's in my YouTube history now.

It's a wonder bra. She takes it off and you wonder where her tits are.

Search for dominique_skye on instagram (this sub prevents links to instagram), they're a bit NSFW (depending on where you work).

Some on Pinterest as well.

Well then maybe you're not ALL IN buddy!?!?!??!?!?!

There's an unsub button for that.

Don't you have a member of Cyanide's harem to flirt with?

Are actual women allowed on /sub/thighdeology?


Yes! (bad video, but gets the point across)

cloak is not real wolf hide 2/10

No wonder you are on your third.

Not a real Frost Giantess, 2/10


Picture of woman with thousands of upvotes

Humina huminas

It's Lady Loki

and way better when beating off


One of the rare instances where I don't automatically hate an emoji comment.

Not to mention a downvote button. Sort by new and make the sub what you want it to be

Incels would criticize her

It's possible to be thick and have a thigh Gap if your legs are bow legged

I’d create it and then run away for fear of what would eventually lie inside.

Yup, the boobs are always what's looked at but there's other parts that are sometimes more impressive.

Stone Cold?

you should look up what that word means before you throw it around

To Valhallla!!!!

Damnit, I only got so much space for more bookmarks.

All hail!!